9 Body Language Secrets Every Guy Should Know

Posted on Oct 05,2017 in Lifestyle

Do you want to command the room feeling confident, and make a girl feel good when she is around you? Well, talk is cheap and as we all know, actions speak louder than words. Here are 9 body language secrets that every guy should know.

Be Passionate and Strong When There Is Contact

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When you are interacting with someone, you want to make sure you are being assertive and proceed with intent. This will make you seem like you are leading the interaction and put you in an alpha male position. So when you hug the girl you like, make sure you give them a proper hug, not a side hug.

Use Your Hands When You Talk

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Psychologists call these, trust indicators. These indicators help the people receiving the message remember it more clearly. So make sure that when you are talking to someone, you use some hand gestures.

Get into Your Power Pose

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed, like the underdog, or awkward and shy in a certain situation? When you feel that you need an instant boost of confidence, make sure to get into your power pose. In order to get into your power pose, make sure that you stand sternly, open your body up, square your shoulders, and stick your chest out.

Know When People Are Lying To You

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Usually, when someone is lying to you they’ll have some signs that give them away. If you see that someone starts blinking rapidly as they are talking to you it usually means they are lying to you; they are blinking rapidly because their brain is working overtime to come up with a lie. If you notice that they scratch their nose or cover their mouth then they could be lying but at the same time, they might feel ashamed of it.

Know If People around You Want You There

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Next time you approach a group of people, take a look at how they react when they see you want to join them. When you approach the group, if they all turn towards you including their feet, then they want you there. However, if they only turn their torsos but no their feet, then they probably don’t want you there.

Appear Smarter

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Appearing smarter helps you communicate wisdom, conviction, and trustworthiness. Next time you are in a situation where you want to appear smarter, make sure you steeple and nod in agreement, and you’ll look like one of the wisest guys in the room.

Know When You Are Boring Someone or When They Want To Leave

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Has the person you are talking too decreased their eye contact or maybe started checking their watch or their phone more often? These are usually signs that the person is bored with you and wants to leave, so next time you see these, wrap it up and leave.

Never Give a Weak Handshake

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Giving a weak handshake is the one thing that will instantly signal submission. Make sure you NEVER give a weak handshake; make sure you fully grip the other person’s hand and give it a firm shake.

Master Eye Contact

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Eye contact is very important but at the same time, you don’t want to come off as a creep. When you are talking to someone and you don’t know where to look, just use the facial triangle. Shift the focus between both eyes and the mouth. This will make it seem like you have good eye contact and you won’t seem like a creep.


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