9 Hair Secrets You Should Know By The Time You’re 20

Posted on Dec 12,2018 in Grooming

Guys, if you are a true TMF fan, you know that our new grooming line, Hudson & Mane, is finally available and open to the public! We have been working on this company for months. But, after weeks and weeks of sampling our product line, we have finally perfected them. Hudson & Mane is going to be the best hair grooming company for guys, I promise you that! This product line caters to everything a man needs! Go check us out! Anyways, here are 9 hair secrets you should know by the time you’re 20.

1.Hang Out With People Who Have Good Hair

People with good hair, know secrets in managing that hair. They know how to properly style their hair. They know what barbers to go to that will give them the best haircut. They just know everything there is to know about having good hair. Their experience will then rub off on you and you’ll be able to reap the benefits.

2.Ditch The Gel

Gel is out dated. You need to start using a clay or a paste. If you have naturally thin hair or hair that is starting to thin, these are the products you need to start using. Paste and clays give your hair the illusion of being thicker than what it actually is. This automatically makes you more attractive to women, because they love thick hair. Our paste and clay at Hudson & Mane are exactly what you need to get the job done. Once you use them you’ll never go back.

3.Ditch The Towel

When you hop out of the shower, you need to stop using a towel to rub your hair dry. A towel has rough fabric which will turn your hair instantly frizzy and messy. This will then take a lot of time to fix. Also, you will actually pull some of your hair out. The best way to dry your hair is an old tee shirt. It is a lot less rough.

4.The Secret To Hair Growth

If you want to increase your hair growth, you have to cut your hair. When you have split ends, it will actually just cause your hair follicles to fall out. When you cut your hair, you get rid of the possibility of this happening. Also, when you cut your hair, your hair looks a lot thicker than when its fully grown out. So, get rid of those split ends boys.

5.Cleanse Your Hair

You need to cleanse your hair. I am not talking about regular shampoo and conditioner. After using these products, a lot over time, they actually start to build up in your hair. So, the best way to bring your hair from this state to a healthier state is if you cleanse it properly. Our Hudson & Mane shampoos and conditioners are charcoal infused, which cleanses your hair and removes all the gunk! You need these.

6.Let Your Hair Dry A Little Before Using A Hair Dryer

When you get out of the shower and want to dry your hair with a blow dryer, wait a little while. I typically wait until my hair is about 80% dry before I take out the hair dryer. Use your old t-shirt to take off some of the water, then go and make breakfast or something, then dry your hair. This will cause you to be using the heat and electricity less than you normally would. All in all, supporting a green earth.

7.Use Less Product In Your Hair

When you use to much product in your hair it will just make it look unnatural. Also, your hair will just look like a greasy mess! If you want to style your hair the right way to get the best results, use a minimal amount of product. That is all that is needed to get the job done.

8.Use Hand Cream

If there is ever a time where you go to do your hair and realize you don’t have any hair products, use hand cream instead. I remember one time I was traveling and forgot all of my hair products with me. So, I went to the hotel bathroom and used their body lotion to style my hair. It worked like a charm. With Hudson & Mane, you won’t have to fear this because we will supply you with your products at a subscription rate.

9.Apply Hairspray To Hairbrush

If you want that perfect hair style with no fly-aways, apply your hairspray to your hairbrush instead of your direct hair. This is the secret to having perfect hair. The brush will transfer that hairspray into every angle of your hair and keep it in place all day, guaranteed!


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