9 Items All Men Should Have In Their Bathroom

Posted on Oct 27,2018 in Grooming

If you have a bathroom, want to look attractive, and strive to stay well groomed, this article applies to you. I’m pretty sure that previous statement applies to every guy, so you no other choice but to read the following tips and reap the benefits. Here are 9 items all men should have in their bathroom!

1.An Electric Trimmer

This is one of my personal favorites as you may know from my previous rants. Every guy needs a good trimmer, period! A trimmer allows you to manage and shape your beard every morning, so you look as good as possible. But, you need a second trimmer. You should have one trimmer for when you shave below the belt and for when you shave your face. Your balls should never be touching your face, you guys know this! So, get two trimmers for each area.

2.A Quality Brush

A high quality or ceramic brush just adds a lot of volume to your hair. IT makes your hair look fuller and much better than just shaping it with your hands. Brushes also help dry your hair a lot faster when you get out of the shower. They are just key items you need in your bathroom. So, if you don’t have one already, you should invest in getting a quality brush or comb.

3.A Spin Brush

If you don’t have a spin brush you’re doing life all wrong. Spin brushes are essential tools in supplying you with good skin. Our sponsor Vanity Planet offer their Spin Brush + Scalp Massager Bundle, which ensures you’ll have the best skin and healthiest scalp possible. The cool thing about Vanity Planet’s spin brush is that it has interchangeable heads. So, if you have calices on your fingers or feet, there is a pumice stone head specifically for that. But, if you just want to clear out your facial pores and blackheads there’s a head for that too! All around, Vanity Planet’s Spin Brush is a necessity and you should definitely pick one up today.

4.A Scalp Massager

If you want to stay clean, hygienic, and look well groomed, you need a scalp massager. It’s that simple. The specific scalp massager I use is from a company called Vitagoods, and can be found on the Vanity Planet website. As mentioned previously, they are offering a Spin Brush & Scalp Massager bundle that is incredibly low priced and includes two quality bathroom essentials that you need! Anyways, this scalp massager has a button that you click and it literally massages your scalp as you work in your shampoo. It feels amazing! Once you use this product to wash your hair, you’re never going to go back. I promise you that! Go to the Vanity Planet website and pick up this bundle, you’ll thank me later!

5.A Manicure Kit

A manicure kit has all of the essentials you’ll need to take care of your hands and your feet. This way you won’t have to go waste money at the spa, but instead you’ll be able to do it yourself. These are fairly cheap and are an essential you need to have in your bathroom at all times.

6.Hair Product

You need to have a good hair product gentleman, you need to. Your hair is a super important part of who you are and you need to capture it as good as good as possible. Our team over at TMF has a big announcement for you guys. So, we have made our own grooming line, Hudson & Mane, and it is going to have the best hair products you’re ever going to use! That’s a fact. We are dropping our line on December 1st, so mark the date down on your calendars. We made better products than everyone else. We are going to have charcoal infused shampoos and conditioners, that are amazing for nourishing your hair.

These two combined will leave your hair silky smooth and make it smell amazing! We are also going to have out styling products such as a matte pomade, a clay, and a paste as well. This is going to be our first launch and it will sell out fast, so mark the date down: December 1st is Hudson & Mane’s first drop!

7. A Blow Dryer

This is an essential item that every man should have. Having a blow dryer is just common sense. Whenever your hair needs dried or you just want to style it in a good way, a blow dryer will always be needed. It is a perfect tool to make sure your hair is in tip top shape to impress women and make your confidence go through the roof.

8.A Proper Shower Head

This could be the difference between having a good shower or having a great shower. Many guys don’t think about their shower heads but you should. You need one that functions good, and makes you look forward to waking up early to jump in the shower. Make sure you get one that pushes out as much pressure as you want, so you can have the shower you need in the morning.

9. Soft Towels

This is just a must. Every guy needs to have soft and luxurious towels. When you hop out of the shower, there’s really nothing better than wrapping your body in a soft towel. Not only will it feel good on the skin, but it will not damage your skin as some rough towel can. Soft towels are just the way to go.


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