9 Oddly Satisfying Things Every Man Should DO

Posted on Sep 18,2018 in Lifestyle

If you are a good looking, right off the top of your head, you can think of the many things you do to keep yourself looking handsome, but aren’t always satisfying tasks. I want to focus a few things that are oddly satisfying, that every man should do, while maintaining their suave, handsome appearance.

1.Don’t Wash Your Jeans

Don’t take this out of context, you obviously have to wash your jeans. But, have you ever went a whole month without washing your favorite pair of jeans? It might sound like a weird thing to do, but it has its perks. You save on your washing bill, you keep the jeans natural color without fading, and they actually will fit better as you wear them. Obviously, if you get them dirty or you sweat you should wash them. But, if you’re just casually wearing them and they don’t smell or get dirty, you should try doing this.

2.Wearing Underwear That Hugs Your “Boys”

This might sound a bit funny, but having good fitting underwear is essential for every man. This will give you a sense of security and satisfaction that a loose pair won’t give you. Wearing a good fitting pair of underwear also supports your male area, which has its own health benefits as well. This will also help you avoid awkwardly adjusting yourself in public. So, go find a good fitting pair of underwear that gives your boys the support they need.

3.Relaxing By The Beach/Pool

Sometimes you just need a little taste of the paradise feel without splurging a lot of money on a big vacation. There’s really no better feeling then relaxing by the pool or beach, getting in all of that good vitamin D, and listening to your favorite music or audiobook. It’s relaxing for the mind and a little reality escape such as laying by the pool or beach could solve a lot of your day to day problems. My favorite way to relax is by listening to an audio book from our sponsor, Audible. It helps you relax as well as promotes indirect learning. They’ve partnered with the TMF team to give you a free 30-day trial to help promote a peaceful, yet productive lifestyle. They have every audiobook category imaginable and are a good start to an everyday peaceful life.

4.Getting A Long-Needed Haircut

Every guy reading this right now knows what I’m talking about. There is no better feeling then waiting until your hair gets so out of control that there’s no other option then to get it properly groomed and cut. When your hair is unmanageable you can sometimes feel ugly or not completely yourself, but as soon as you look in the mirror after an amazing haircut, you get that instant satisfaction.

5.Removing An Ingrown Toenail

When you wear thick socks that crowd your toes, or shoes that are too tight for you, you will get an ingrown toenail. Most men have probably had a few of these within the span of their life. Having an ingrown toenail hurts and it can be very painful. But, as soon as you clear that sucker out, you get an instant relief that feels amazing. You know what I’m talking about. To avoid getting one, wear proper fitting shoes and socks and always keep your toenails trimmed and maintained.

6.Sleeping In Freshly Washed Sheets

Sleeping in a bed that has warm, freshly washed sheets has to be one of the best feelings you could ever have. It feels great on your skin, and you don’t have to think about any bacteria contaminating your peaceful sleep. Try washing your bed sheets around once a week to enhance those cozy nights and make sleeping an even better experience than it already is.

7.Waking Up Before The Alarm Goes Off

Whenever you wake up right before your alarm goes off, you tend to feel a weird sense of happiness. It makes you feel as though your starting your day with total control and that you didn’t have to rely on an alarm waking you up. Also, the sounds of an alarm have to be the worst sounds to ever exist, so not hearing that sound will automatically make you satisfied.

8.Putting On A Watch

This one might sound biased, but taking a watch and clasping it on your wrist definitely produces an instant rush of satisfaction. Wearing a watch increases your style, which increases your confidence, which makes you feel satisfied. The feeling a cold time piece touching your skin in the morning might sound weird, but it does produce a sense of satisfaction. Put more thought into the action of you putting on your watch, I know you’ll feel the same.

9.Massaging Your Scalp

While you are in the shower, massaging your scalp along with your hair creates an instantly satisfying feeling. Not only are you going to diminish your dandruff and support a healthier scalp, but it also feels really good. I suggest you invest in a scalp scrubber and that you incorporate it within your shower routine. You’ll thank me later.


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