9 Things ALL Guys Should Stop Doing By Age 20

Posted on Sep 21,2018 in Lifestyle

Have you ever just saw guys in their 20’s that makes you question, “What the heck is going on here?” As a man matures you need to become smarter, wiser, and become more time efficient. If you qualify within the 20’s age group, you need to stop doing things that only school girls should be doing. Here is a list of eight things that all guys should stop doing by their 20’s.

1.Bragging About Your Workout

We get it. You finally benched 220 pounds, squatted 300 pounds, and are looking super vascular, you don’t have to tell the world. Also, don’t be that annoying guy that has to post everyday he goes to the gym. It’s just unnecessary and immature.

2.Relying On Mommy & Daddy (Too Much)

You have to realize that in life, you aren’t always going to have people around you to help you out, especially your parents. You need to learn how to walk on your own two feet and face adversity on your own. Even if you do end up failing, you’ll become stronger and wiser over time, which will help you out in the long run.

3.Thinking You Know It All

Everyone becomes victim to this at one point in their lives. The fact of the matter is, no one want to hang around a guy who thinks he knows it all and is invincible. You need to understand everyone needs change and you need to open your eyes to all of the new knowledge surrounding that change.  You don’t know it all, and if you want to grow your skills or chase after a specific passion of you’re the best place to start is with our sponsor, SKILLSHARE. Their company supplies you with classes where you can grow on your passions or learn new ones. Their selection is limitless from cooking to social media marketing. These courses should cost thousands of dollars, but you get unlimited access for under $10 a month.

4.Eating Fast-food All The Time

When you are in your teens you can eat whatever you want. You have a high metabolism and food moves right through you. As you age, your metabolism slows down making you more prone to weight gain. When you are in your 20’s you want to train yourself to eat healthy, but satisfying foods that will help you maintain your weight as you continue to age.

5.Getting Plastered All The Time

If you didn’t know, each gram of alcohol is about 7 calories. A gram of fat is about 9 calories. To put this into perspective, alcohol has a lot of harmful fats and calories. It’s okay to drink, but minimally. If you drink like you did back in college with your metabolism slowing down from age, you’ll go into full dad bod mode. Don’t do this, and make sure you’re the best looking you possible.

6.Skipping Out On The Gym

If you are in your 20’s and choose to hit the gym regularly, you are doing better than the majority of people your age. If you aren’t going to the gym regularly, you need to start doing so. Getting in good shape just makes for an overall healthier life. Making you happier and less prone to anger.

7.Cat Calling

Do not cat call. Period. It never works and you just look like an absolute loser sitting down doing nothing with your life. Grow a pair, and go talk to a woman like a man. This will make the situation better and more easy going.

8.Not Owning A Good Wallet

Ditch the duct tape and velcro wallets. Get an all leather wallet instead. This will make you look as though you know style whenever you take out your wallet to pay for the bill. On top of all of this, it will make you more confident bringing an all leather wallet, rather than the wallet you had in middle school.

9.Ghosting Women

There are so many women in the world and if you wanted to, you could go on dates every week. But, being that you are in your 20’s, you are a man now. Girls have feelings just like you and me, and if you see a girl likes you and the feelings aren’t being reciprocated by you, make sure she knows that. Don’t ghost her, just be a man and tell her, nicely.


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