Apps To Help You Save Money As A Student

Posted on Jan 08,2018 in Tech


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Mint is great because they give you a personalized budget with the information you provide. Another great feature is that it also shows you’re credit score, so you can have a overall view of your finances. It is available for both iOS and Android. It’s also very easy to use!


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What makes Digit special, is when you connect your bank account, it will study your spending habits. From that information, it will predict your cash flow. Lastly, it looks for opportunities to help you save money. Every day, Digit tries to move some money from your checking account to your Digit account, that they make for you (FDIC insured). That way, you will get a text of how much money you have in your Digit and decide if you want to keep it there or transfer it back.


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Clarity Money analyzes all of your accounts and help you cancel any wasteful subscriptions. It also helps you track your budget. For example, if you set a certain limit for groceries, it will alert you if you are spending too much. It’s a good heads up so you don’t go overboard.


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You can do a lot if you know how to manage your money. Mvelopes does exactly that. It helps you manage your funds. It gives you a financial plan based on your income. It also have financial coaches and gives education on money management.


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Unfortunately, this app is only available for iOS. It works on the principal of delayed ratification. So it helps you save money, for something that you want (vacation,car,laptop,etc.) It also works like a social media website. You can share your goals and people can motivate you to reach them.