8 EPIC Things To Do When You’re Bored

Posted on Jul 01,2018 in Lifestyle

It’s summer break boys and chances are you might get bored sometimes. Some might call you a loner, but I see this as a time to work on yourself and do one of these  8 epic things I’m about to tell you about.

1.Challenge Yourself

Being bored can affect you mentally, it can make you think that your a loser and have nothing to do. The reality is that you actually do.  What I do is a quick home workout and it reboots me back to my normal state. I just grab my phone and my Commuter Speaker by Kove and this quick workout:

-100 Pushups

-100 Air-Squats

-100 Leg Raises

This is a great way to kill time and get your blood pumping. Especially if you have this Kove speaker,  the sound fills up the whole and makes the whole process enjoyable.

Let’s say you worked out and your still bored, what can you do?

2.Organize Your Closet

I’ve talked about this many times before, yet another great way to pass time. Having a well organized closet is crucial to executing good looking outfits. While I’m doing this I love listening to e-books on my Commputer Speaker by Kove, it’s a great way to gain more knowledge while I’m doing a unexciting task like organizing my closet.

I know when it comes to quality speakers, they can be extremely expensive. This Kove speaker retails at around $180, however, for all of you college students that want a professional sound system, I got the price down for you guys! If you use code “tmfkove” you can get this exact speaker for 65 % off. If that’s not a deal, I don’t know what is. That’s well under $100, so in my eyes, it’s an automatic purchase.

3.Make A Vision Board

This a custom board that you make to show where you envision yourself in the future. Place it somewhere where your going to see it everywhere and make yourself accountable.

4.Set-Up A Dating Profile

Of course this only pertains to you if your single.  A good way to kill boredom for good…find a girlfriend. Trust me, you won’t have any time to be bored. However, you’re never going to find a girlfriend if you just chill all day. Set up a tinder that’s going to optimize the amount of swipes you get.

5.Learn Something New

Learn how to edit pics, make YouTube videos, play a new sport, the possibilities are endless. Just get up and ask Google a question. Use all this free time and develop a new skill. This could be your new hobby, passion or career and all you had to do is open your laptop.

6.Work On Your Social Skills

A lot of guys are timid and don’t want to go out and meet new people. Go out to malls or places that have a lot of people and start talking to random people around you. Find ugly people or people you don’t find attractive to make it easier. The point is you’re developing your social skills and becoming more confident.

7.Make More Money

Again, a quick Google search can show you multiple business ideas for you to increase your income with little to no investment. Anything from drop shipping to selling your own clothes can make you a little money on the side. Find a problem, get the solution and then just charge for it.

8. Volunteer

Time is a precious resource and just throwing it away is kind of sad. Considering you can use it to help others. Go online and find a local charity you can help out. It could be anything you’re passionate about, whether it be a dog shelter or a rehab center and so forth. Don’t just waste your time on your phone, go help out your community.

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