Dangerous Habits That Can Ruin Your Life

Posted on Aug 24,2018 in Lifestyle

On a day to day basis a lot of guys do certain actions that can ruin their life and not even notice it. So, today I wanted to show you guys things you could be doing that could be harming your everyday life. If that sounds interesting, let’s begin!

1.Eating Non-Stop

If you eat past the point of being hungry, it’s just detrimental to your health. This will cause you to lose touch between your bodies hungry and satisfaction signs. This is also when you exceed your daily calorie intake and in conclusion, makes you fat. It starts with gaining a couple of pounds, which might not seem like a big deal, and you keep doing it. Leading you to lose confidence and this can also cause you to lose motivation and accept your reality. Moral of the story, only eat when you’re hungry.


It’s so easy to rack up debt when you have multiple credit cards with big limits. The problem is that you’re going to spend more than you make. This just leads to late payments, or even worse, not paying it back at all.  As a young person, this is the worst possible way to start your life while you’re building your credit. Since your credit score and credit report mean absolutely everything when it comes to making big payments. Whether it’s your first car, house or apartment, this score needs to be strong.

When I got my first credit card I always made sure to keep track to where it was at and always monitoring it so I keep my good score. That’s why I got CreditKarma, it’s a completely free app that allows you to check your credit score as many times as you want no matter what.

This will give you a better picture to where you’re at with your credit and how you can improve it as well. As a young guy, this all you need. They don’t teach you this in school so let CreditKarma do the job for you. What sets it apart is the fact that it gives you tons of tips and tricks to boost your score back to where it needs to be. Trust me, I’m not alone on this, more than 80 million people have already downloaded CreditKarma and started building their credit, so the real question is…why aren’t you?

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3.Too Many Energy Drinks

Yes it tastes great and the boost of energy is sometimes needed on those slow mornings. However, when you intake so much caffeine so quickly, your blood pressure increases and your hyper-focused but also anxious. The problem is, when you do this everyday, you start becoming dependent on it, and you start getting headaches when you don’t drink it. When you start relying on these things, that’s when the serious problems come in.

4.Your 9-5 Job Lifestyle

This is not about the job, but more so the lifestyle that comes along with it. You always have the same day, everyday, nothing is changed. You wake up, go to work, go home, watch TV, go to bed and repeat. Although it might not seem like it but this can start slowing down your metabolism. Which can lead to weight gain and other serious problems down the line. Change it up a bit, be active, find a hobby, always keep striving for more, in order to get the most out of your day.

5.Drinking Too Much

Drinking 3 or more drinks everyday are at risk for liver damage, different kinds of cancer, high blood pressure, or even cause depression. You got two options, either control your liquor or not drink it at all, if you know it controls you.

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