How to Be a Guy That EVERY Woman Wants

Posted on Jul 26,2018 in Lifestyle

Are you tired of that random guy taking the girl of your dreams? Are you tired of being the guy that no woman wants? Well, say no more because today I’m going to be showing you how to be the guy that all the women want. so you’ll stop scratching your head and wondering what you did wrong.

1.Be Genuine

There’s nothing more “beta” than trying to be like someone else. You probably think that being yourself will only drive women away, however the truth is there’s nothing more charming than talking to a girl and being you. On top of that, being confident with it too.

2.Grow Up

Stop being irresponsible and acting like a little kid. Even if you’re 20, women love the thought of dating older men because of their wisdom and experiences. Hence, why you hear all this women saying “I’m tired of all this little boys.” Women want a man. By the way, this has nothing to do with your bank account or your physical appearance. It’s about how you carry yourself and take responsibility for your actions. How you handle your failures will tell people a lot about how you are as a man.

3.Invest In Yourself

Think of this as a way of “self-evolution”. When you put in the time and effort to make yourself look and feel good. Women appreciate that. They don’t a slob just like anyone else. So stop sitting on the couch and make yourself better. Do whatever it takes to bring yourself to the next level. So, go ahead and get those shoes you like and that watch I keep telling you to get. All of that, makes you the stylish stud that women want in their lives.

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4.Be Strong (Mentally and Physically)

No woman wants a guy that comes off as weak. She always wants to feel safe in your presence. Don’t be the guy that throws temper tantrums or be melodramatic. Instead, be smart and practice self-control. Trust me, that’s going to turn her on.

5.Never Follow Her

Guys who follow women let them instantly know that you’re weak and desperate, something you can never be. This always happens to the nice guy that’s afraid of losing her. Guess what? That’s exactly what you’re doing, driving her away. Women love men that take charge, that are decisive. Being strong and making the call are just what alpha’s do, which is why she’s chasing those guys and not the nice guys.

6.Don’t Be Needy

As soon as she feels that you need her to function, she dips. This is why she goes after that bad boy that ignores her, cheats on her and treats her like crap compared to the nice guy. When you up dating a girl, be confident enough that she’s with you and only you, don’t smother her with neediness, because she’ll leave you in a second.

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