How To Build A Nice Looking Butt

Posted on Sep 23,2017 in Fitness

The truth is that having a big butt is not just for girls. The reality is that part of having a great physique and looking great in clothes is being able to build strong round glutes that fill in those pants. No one wants a pancake butt, so today I am going to teach how to build up strong glutes.


In order to build up your glutes, you need to make sure you are targeting the right muscles. Keep in mind that you are targeting 3 muscles (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus) and you need to make sure you are hitting all three during your workout.  Here are a few workouts that will help you target those muscles.

  • Squats 

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  • Glute bridges


  • Weighted Lunges


  • Bulgarian split squat


  • Single leg squats

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  • Stair master

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Understanding Muscle vs Fat

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You want to build your butt with muscle not fat. When you work to enlarge your glutes your butt is going to get that firm, athletic, and sexy appearance. The appearance of how your butt looks boils down to how much muscle vs. fat you have.  The more body fat you have the less firm, round, and shapely your butt will look. There is not a body fat percentage that will work for everyone; I believe that you should try to get your body fat to be under 20%. You’ll start getting leaner and your muscles will start showing.

Calorie Intake

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If you step on the scale and you see that you might be a little overweight or that you have too much body fat, you’re going to have to change your calorie intake. In order to lose that body fat, you’re going to have to eat fewer calories than the calories you need to maintain your current weight.

Go to google and search for TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) calculator. This will tell you how many calories your body uses on average to maintain your weight.  If you want to maintain your bodyweight keep the calories the same if you want to gain weight eat more calories, and if you want to lose weight eat fewer calories.  How many calories you subtract is up to you, but remember that a healthy rate is losing 1 to 2 pounds per week. Make sure you constantly track your progress and within a few weeks you’ll start to see and feel the difference.