How To Build The Best EDC (Every Day Carry)

Posted on Oct 02,2018 in Lifestyle

Don’t you want to have the best “Every Day Carry” lineup? These are the items that you’ll be carrying on a daily basis that are essential throughout the day. Having these
EDC essentials will ensure that you’re always prepared with whatever life throws at you. Today, I’m going to show you the top ways you can boost your EDC essentials which will then boost your productivity to the max.

1.Functional Products

You need to have products that are going to help you achieve goals and tasks throughout the day. Whether it’s a fragrance to make you smell good or a tool to make you tackle certain issues you may have, these accessories need to fulfill a daily purpose for you. Sit down and figure out exactly what items you will need in your everyday life and then put them in your daily EDC.

2.Don’t Stuff Your Pockets

The truth is, if you want a strong EDC that will fulfill every challenge that you might have in a day, you won’t want to stuff your pockets with everything. You’ll need to get something that will fit all of your EDC accessories comfortably. Our sponsor, Nutsac Bags, has the best products for you!

Their bags are made with premium materials and come with lifetime guarantee. That’s how much they trust their quality, which is the best of the best. These bags will be the best option to hold your EDC items. They’re also very stylish. Go check them out.

3.Keep It Light

The problem that’s going to happen when you start carrying a lot of products, is that some things will become way too much to carry. You need to cut out some products that don’t fulfill that “every day” purpose. Invest in items that you are guaranteed to use on a daily basis. Also, make sure you get a bag that will fit everything comfortably and organized correctly. It’s better to pack smarter and not harder.

4.“2 is 1, 1 is None”

If you’ve heard this phrase before, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who haven’t, here’s what I mean. You always need to carry a backup for crucial items. A good example of this are pens. You should always have two of them, because if one runs out of ink, you’ll have another one to fall back on. Other examples are credit cards, gum, etc. Think about this phrase carefully and pick the items you’ll need a backup on.

5.Wear A Good Watch

Sure, watches are items that add depth to your outfits and make everything more stylish. But, in this instance, I’m focusing on value. You should always have a watch on of some good value. If you can afford a several thousand-dollar watch, it’s crucial that you always have it on you during your travels. These watches hold their value, and if you were traveling and need emergency money for some reason, any jeweler would be happy to buy it from you. This ensures that you’ll have an extra thousand dollars as a backup, wherever you go.


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