How to Compose Stylish Outfits

Posted on Feb 27,2018 in Style


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It’s not always about finding the tightest or the slimmest fit. For example, if you have a circular body shape or overweight, a tight t-shirt isn’t the best option for you. On the other hand, if you have an athletic build, this is exactly what you want, because it’s going to highlight your broad shoulders and wide back. These are little details that people don’t think about, but when you do it correctly people are going to notice how good you look. All because you picked the right garments for your body shape.


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If you’re just starting out, stick with muted or neutral colors. They tend to work well with all skin types and match nicely with other colors.


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Want to know how to instantly ruin your outfit? Start sweating and stinking up the room, then you’ll see how stylish you’ll really be. Guys…wear an undershirt! This is a must when it comes to making sure that you stay stylish all day.

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The ones that I wear daily are from Sloane. The reason I wear these all the time is becuase they’re un-noticeable. When people see me, they have no idea I have an undershirt on and that’s exactly how it should be. An undershirt is not a stylish piece that you want to show off.  It’s an protective layer to prevent stains and sweat. What makes Sloane unique is they have a variety of colors to match your skin, so there’s no contrast when you throw on another shirt. If you want to prevent embarrassing sweat stains and smells, I highly suggest you check out Sloane. In addition, for an extra 25% off, use code “JOSE25”


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Let’s say you’re feeling lazy today and want to wear slides. Push yourself a little further, upgrade your style. Instead of slides, throw on some Adidas Originals or a nice leather sneaker. Or, you want to chill today and put on basketball shorts, instead why not some  nice khaki shorts, it’s going to instantly upgrade your outfit. Don’t let people know you as a slob, there’s no better feeling than being known as the stylish guy.


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This is why I love Fall/Winter, adding layers makes your outfit far more sophisticated and stylish. A lot of guys think that layering is hard, but in reality, it isn’t. Right now, with this weather, it’s especially important to follow this tip. Just throw on an extra layer and mix it up a bit!


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Every single time I step out the door, I ask myself, “If I were a chick, would I date myself?” If it’s a yes, you killed it! If not, it’s time to start from square one.