5 ways to update your oral health routine for a better smile

Posted on Mar 12,2018 in Grooming

Your smile is the gateway to almost all good social interactions. It can break the tension, lighten the mood, and even make people instantly like you……if its magnetic. So in efforts that your smile reaches this level of attractiveness, here are 5 daily habits you need to develop to attain a handsome smile in 2018.

Step 1 – Clean Your teeth


This is the most basic step you guys should take. If you ever want to develop a beautiful smile you need to make sure you remove the food and plaque buildup from your teeth. Force yourself this year to develop and develop a habit to brush your teeth for 2 minute sessions twice a day. This is the ADA recommended standard brush time, to develop a beautiful and healthy smile.

crest-gum-detofixier-natalie-lim-suarez-5The toothpaste I have been currently using is from our sponsor Crest and their new Gum Detoxify toothpaste. This paste is AMAZING, the revolutionary activated foam technology in this paste is formulated to reach below the gum line to remove plaque build up and bacteria. This is an area that, even guys with the best oral routines, often can’t reach and miss. This leads to gums that are cleaner, thus gums that are scientifically healthier!

06_SI_Cresthighly recommend this product to all my readers. It offers complete coverage of teeth for the ultimate white smile. This is what will catch everyone’s attention, and make it INSTANTLY magnetic. You can buy this exact paste I have been using by going to Crest or in most drugstores nationwide.

Step 2 – Remove Any Bad Breathc011a900-7b17-11e6-aba3-c12eb464ff87_1280x720

Ok, you now have successfully brushed your teeth to ensure your mouth is always clean, congratulations! However, what happens when you are up close and personal with someone? Do they cringe from the stench coming from your mouth?

Bad breath kills a magnetic smile and most guys are doing 1 HUGE mistake that leads to bad breath. That is, they don’t own a tongue scraper. Your tongue is breeding ground of bacteria, food, and yeast build up…all that white stuff you see is basically waste, when you don’t remove that you start developing a putrid smell. Make sure to use a tongue scraper right after you brush your teeth, your goal should be to remove all the white build up possible to ensure a fresh breath.

Step 3 – Whiten Your Teeth

maxresdefault (25).jpgYour teeth over time start developing a yellowish tint to them. Even if you have kept a great oral routine your whole life, age, certain foods, drinks, and even habits start to fade your white smile. So an easy way to fight back against that is to use teeth whitening strips. You can find strips at most drugstores that are pretty inexpensive and after 3-4 uses you will see and instant increase in the brightness of your smile.

giphy (3)My personal favorite are the Crest “no slip” Whitestrips. The have more coverage of your teeth and don’t slip like cheaper, conventional strips. I love it because it uses the same enamel-safe teeth whitening ingredients a dentist would use. This is basically as good as a professional laser treatment that could cost up to $500!

Step 4 – Avoid Food & Drinks that will Stain your Teeth

edition-credit-alana-dimouThis step is more of a prevention step. Think about it, you don’t want to do all this hard work to upkeep your smile and then throw it all away by staining them again. So my suggestion is to stay away from heavy teeth stainers like coffee, red wine, tea, or even smoking. Or at best try to limit your usage of these to minimize the negative effects it can have on your smile.

Step 5 – Visit Your Dentist Twice a Year.

service-guy-in-chair-2.jpgThe final step a man should do is to go to the dentist twice a year. Many guys skip over this or think it’s no big deal. The truth is that a proper dental cleaning can remove the yellow plaque build up that makes your smile look dirty. This is often not possible to remove with just brushing alone. Going to the dentist refreshes your smile, and lets you know if you are on track to keep it healthy and magnetic!

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