How TO Dress Well When It’s FREEZING Cold! | How to Stay Stylish & Warm

Posted on Jan 23,2018 in Style


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Make sure you cover areas of your body that you otherwise wouldn’t. You don’t want a ounce of heat to leave your body. At this point, it’s function over fashion. For example, headwear, wear a baseball cap, if you don’t look good in that, try a beanie. As a last resort, wear a hoodie, or even layer a hoodie under a coat. Gloves are a must when we’re talking freezing temperatures.


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If it’s freezing outside, you need to wear a thermal, this is not up for discussion. The ones that I personally use are thermals from Tani. You want to have as many layers as possible without looking like the Michelin Man. Unlike other thermals that are thick and chunky, Tani’s thermal fit snug and make it look like you have nothing underneath. With luxury fabrics come luxury prices, the whole set comes out to be around $145. But, TMF always hooks it up. I want you guys to try this so use code “TMF65” to save $80 at checkout!


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You don’t have to make each layer super thick. For example, you have your thermal, on top throw on a turtleneck, then a vest, a jean jacket, and lastly a overcoat. At this point your basically cooking yourself. Even if it’s 10 degrees outside, you’re comfortable and you also look super-stylish.


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A thick and warm jacket is a must. A good example of this is a puffer jacket. It’s easy to layer under it and it’s a great to retain heat. So you got function, but puffer jackets are also trendy so you also got style. That’s basically what you call a win-win situation.


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Guys, stop flexing your sneakers. That won’t do you any good in the winter. You’re just going to get them dirty. You need to get yourself a quality pair of boots and there’s so many choices out there! From Timbs to Chelsea boots, pick up a pair and be warm and stylish during the cold months.