How To Dress Your Age

Posted on Oct 07,2017 in Style

I know sometimes it’s difficult to gauge how we should be dressing. You know you should be dressing your age but at the same time, you want to make sure that you are on trend. When it comes to style and fashion, there is no set in stone rules and the awesome thing is that you can always try new things.


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This age group is what I call “the sweet spot”. During this time, you probably have more time on your hands and fewer responsibilities, and the nice part is that you get more flexibility with your style. Most brands tend to cater to this group, but even though your style can be pretty flexible during this time, make sure you invest in certain staples. You need to have one good pair of leather shoes, a good pair of denim, a nice suit, and of course a nice watch.


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By this time in your life, you now probably have maturity and wisdom under your belt. Now, you already know what looks good and doesn’t look so good on you. This is definitely the time to invest in suits since you most likely have a job that will require it. The great part is that in your 30’s you still have youth and composure in this age groups, which means that you can still experiment with new trends in sync with what you know looks good on you.




Your style is like a fine wine because it just keeps getting better with age. This is the time when you need to focus on fit and color palette. You probably don’t look as trimmed and composed, which means that fit is everything. You want to make sure that your clothes fit well. It will make you look younger and more fit. When it comes to color palettes, you can experiment with the colors that are in trend but match them up to pieces that you know look good on you; that way you can always be on trend.