How To FINALLY GET A Girlfriend This Year | Don’t Spend Valentines Alone

Posted on Feb 13,2018 in Relationship


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3 years ago if you said that you met someone on tinder, people would look at you like you’re crazy. Now, it’s socially acceptable to online date so take advantage of that. On tinder, swipe as much as you can, becuase at this point, you can’t be picky. Match and talk to as many people as you can until you click with someone, then you get that date.


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If you’re talking to someone already, you need to go that extra step and prove to them that you like them. You do this by buying them flowers. Even easier, just use 1-800 Flowers and get them 18 enchanted roses for $30. Flowers are crazy expensive for some reason, so this is a steal. 1-800 Flowers takes away the stress from going to store and picking up flowers that are either half dead or crazy expensive. All you have to do is go on their website, pick the flowers that you like and send it to anyone you like. Keep in mind, Valentines Day is right around the corner so if there is someone special in your life, now is the time to send them something nice. As always, you know I hook it up, so if you press this link, you’ll be directed to a special discount code just for you.


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Love is in the air. If you’re going to ask a girl out, this is the time to do it. You have nothing to lose, everyone is looking for a date so why not ask someone. Especially if you’re in school, all these girls are waiting for the guy to grow some balls and ask them out. No girl wants to be alone on Valentine’s.


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This is a very effective way of finding date. The whole premise of the party is to find someone you possibly might be interested in. No one at the party wants to be single anymore. These parties are usually a week before Valentine’s Day so you can see what’s available and see you connect with someone.


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This more so works for young people, but if you make a extravagant and cheesy way to ask the girl of your dreams out. However, the bigger the surprise, the higher chance you have of the girl saying yes. She almost feels obligate to give you a chance. I kept this one last because it takes a lot of balls. There’s a huge upside to her saying yes, but a completely embarassment when she says no. The rejection will be like 10 times worse.

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