How To Get People to Look At You (And Like You!)

Posted on Feb 18,2018 in Lifestyle


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You’ll never get anyone to notice you or like, if you don’t even like yourself. How can you get to know people around you when you don’t even know yourself. These are questions you need to be asking. When it comes to human interaction, a huge chunk of whether it’s going to be successful or not, starts with you. Once you know yourself and your capabilities, people are going to start noticing that.


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I can’t necessarily tell you what to wear, because every situation is different whether it be work, school or at a party. Your style depends on your surrounding. However, if you wear something different, people will notice you. For me, it’s as simple as wearing a RoseGold&Black bracelet, that could work for you too! Think about it, how many guys you know wear a bracelet, necklace or watch? Maybe 1 or 2. Small and subtle accessories will get people to notice you without being loud or obnoxious with your style.

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Wearing a quality accessory from RoseGold&Black makes you look like a detailed oriented guy. If you click here, it will take you to my special page with my favorite pieces of jewelry as well with a discount code!


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Don’t make roadblocks for yourself. Snap out of the fearful and nervous life that you live, even if it makes you feel safe. Break the barriers that are stopping you from meeting new people. Guess what? People will never notice you, unless you put in the effort.


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If you’re loud or obnoxious and always trying to be funny, people are going to think your annoying. That’s not the type of attention you want. However, you need a confident voice projection, where people can hear you clearly and make your presence known.


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You never want to be known to be someone that you’re not. Be yourself, if you pretend to be someone else, you won’t be happy and having to put on a act every time you socialize is exhausting. On top of that, many people can weave out fake people so don’t be that person.

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