How To Get Yours ABS TO Show! | Reasons You Can’t See Your Six Pack

Posted on Jan 01,2018 in Fitness

So the new year is here and you want to start it off right. You want to start feeling and looking better. I’m talking about developing a six pack. It’s one of the sexiest things a guy can have and almost all of you have a six pack. It’s there, you just can’t see it yet. Today, I’m going to talking about the top 5 reasons why your six pack isn’t showing.


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You can do a thousand crunches in a day,  and you’ll develop a strong core. But if there’s a layer of fat there, you’re never going to see it. Of course, you’ve heard it before that you need your nutrition on point. To add onto that, I have a easy hack for you. According to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, just by drinking one cup of green tea everyday can accelerate your body’s breakdown of fat by 1/3.

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This is great news for you, becuase I got a pack of 25 for like $3 from iHerb.


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Green tea alone isn’t going to shred the fat for you, it is a booster and will accelerate fat burning. However, you’re going to have to cut  the processed sugars and many of the fats to remove your love handle. You can also speed up these process with certain fat burners, like the one showed above from iHerb. Another important aspect for your six pack to show is protein. Just like any other muscle in your body, you need that protein to grow bigger and stronger and your abs crave it. A rule of thumb is one gram of protein for one pound of your body. So if you weigh 180, you probably want to intake 180 grams of protein in a day. If you can’t achieve that goal or you don’t have the budget to buy that much food, that’s where supplements come in. A good protein powder is exactly what you’re looking for. I personally buy my protein powders off iHerb, which is great because it’s unflavored and you can add fruits or  whatever else you like to make a shake to your liking.

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They have over 35,000 products from beauty to nutrition. They also ship to 160 different countries which makes it the perfect one-stop shop.


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If you really want to nail down  and chisel your abdominal section, you’re going to want to target it just like any other muscle group. The best part? You can do a lot of these movements for free.Crunches, leg raises, and planks, all of these exercises can be done from the comfort of your own home. If you want to take it to the next level, most of the equipment you can buy is minimal and super inexpensive.  For example, there’s the ab roller and ab mat.

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You can buy this for around $25 off iHerb and it’s a great machine to really target your core and make it stronger. It will do a great job of thickening your abdominal muscles and making them pop out even more.


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To an extent, I’m not actually kidding. A lot of guys look more chiseled when they have a tan. So, if your starting to work on your abs and you want them to show even more then get a tan, go to the beach. When you get that darker skin complexion, your definition is going to show even more.


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This is the one tip that no one cares about, but it’s the most important. This is the time the your growth hormone is spiked through the roof and your muscles are replenishing and growing. On the contrary, if you don’t rest enough, your body is going to start feeling stressed and it’s going to start releasing a stress hormone cortisol which encourages the storage of body fat.