How to Have a Body That Drives Women Crazy | The Ideal Body TYPE Women Want

Posted on Jan 10,2018 in Lifestyle


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This is actually easier than you think it is. I’ve done tons of research, I would say about 98% of women don’t like the guy who is super shredded. But hey, that’s good news for us average guys, becuase in case you didn’t know, to build a physique like that, it takes years. All you want to have, is some sort of muscle definition.

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Trust me, this is enough to turn women on because you’re still more muscular than the average guy.


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Scientifically, our body shape does play a role of how attractive women see us. Primitively, women search for certain body aspects that signal dominance and strength. Women find guys with a “V” shape body more sexy, if you want achieve that, you’re going to want to do a lot of wide grip pull-ups.


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Not a lot of women want a hairy chest or some sort of carpet on your body. Not only does a clean body look more defined but it’s also seen as more sexier. You can do what I do and use a hair removal cream. It’s quicker, effective and painless. I personally recommend Nad’s Removal Cream, you get get it on Amazon for like $4 and it will last you a while. All you have to do is apply it to whatever major body part (arms, legs, chest, back), let it sit for about 5 minutes and then get a towel and wipe the hair right off. Just like that, you already look sexier!


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This doesn’t mean you have to drown yourself in expensive cologne or spray on a whole bottle of axe. Just develop a good hygienic routine, so you always smell clean and start developing your own natural smell. This, combined with your workout routine that increases your testosterone level, will produce a scent, that women won’t be able to resist.

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