How to Live Your Best Life in 2018 | Make THIS Year The BEST Year Yet!

Posted on Jan 20,2018 in Lifestyle


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I honestly think social media is killing us. So many people see it as a reality, they’ll see their favorite celebrities or influencers and think to themselves “Man, my life sucks”. Don’t believe the hype, most people on social media only post highlights of their life. So what you’re seeing is perfection, but in real life they’re just as normal as you and me. Stop comparing yourself to the life you wish you had and start working on your own. Just do you.


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Invest in yourself. If your goal for the new year is to build a better physique, here are three tips to make sure you don’t fail. First, find a gym partner, accountability is the best motivator. Secondly, make sure you go to the gym everyday at the same time, your body gets comfortable with repetition and habits. Lastly, get the right gear that will make working out pleasurable for you. For example, something I always bring to the gym with me is the premium powder from Chassis. I use it all the time, especially on the days I go to the gym.

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After applying Chassis, you get a minty, refreshing sensation and as you sweat, the powder will continue to keep you dry. I recommend to any guy that has a problem with chafing as well, instead of skipping a gym day because of the pain and irritation. Just apply some Chassis and you’ll be good to go.


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This applies to everything in your life. Whether it be your work, career, relationship or gym goal. Make sure you’re always putting that extra effort in, it’s going to pay ten fold. Never fall back short, always give your 110% for whatever it is you want.



A study from Duke University shows that half of our behaviors are habit based. Which means we always do stuff consistently. That’s why when go to our favorite restaurants, we always order the same thing. Why not give something else a chance. This year, try to start exploring and experimenting new things.


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I always here these self-help gurus and motivational speakers always talking about me, me, me, me. “What to do to get more money” or “What to do to become more successful”. It’s always good to invest in yourself like I mentioned before but you want to help other along the way and not just think about yourself. Just be a good human being and I promise you, more positive things are going to come your way.

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