How to Look Good in the Gym | DON’T Look Like a Gym Douche!

Posted on Jul 19,2018 in Lifestyle

I’ve heard it all “Jose, I’m at the gym, I’m here to lift, why do I gotta dress nice?” Reality is, if your single you can meet the love of your life anywhere…INCLUDING the gym! Who doesn’t love fit girls? So, why not look the best you can and be sexy at the gym. What you wear can make a huge difference, so today I wanted to show you exactly what you can do to look great while your working out.

1. Dress For Comfort

When it comes to the gym, how comfortable you are should be your main concern. All the fabrics and fits you use, should allow you to move, bend and lift. Any fabric you choose, should be elastic and moisture-wicking. This allow you to sweat and breath better, which is exactly what you want at the gym. They give you the ultimate mobility and move with your body.

2.Don’t Be A Try Hard

Don’t be the guy that went to Nike and bought all the latest clothing technology and you look like Iron Man rather than someone who wants to workout. However, on the other extreme, you don’t want to wear all your dirty t-shirts and old “raggy” clothing. Be that “in-between” guy, the normal guy. The guy who looks good, but doesn’t seems like he cares more about Nike Tech than his next set. Here’s what I use, for bottoms, any tapered sweatpants and shorts that are cut above the knee. For tops, tank tops are great, any type of performance shirts and long sleeve tees look great.

Try to avoid any string muscle tees or those deep cut offs, that would make you look like a douche more than anything. Even though your not, that’s what others are going to think. Honestly, most of my gym gear comes from Grand AC, they carry all of these perfect items that I just mentioned. It’s great fitting gear that won’t cost you a arm and a leg. It’s designed with athleisure in mind, so not only will it make you look sexy inside the gym but also out. The best part? If you sign up to their monthly subscription called the Menlo Club, you get an automatic 25% off anything from the Grand AC store. Just to give you an idea of these prices, you can get shorts for as low as $20 and tanks tanks are usually around $13.

This is how it works. Grand AC is part of the Menlo Club and it has 4 brands, FiveFourClub (Lifestyle Clothing), Oshenta (Sunglasses), Grand AC (Athleisure/Gymwear) and New Republic (Shoes). So if you get the subscription box, you’ll get the best of all worlds. However, just this month with this LINK, they are running a absurd sale, that I don’t even know how they’re making money of this. If I were you, I’d check it out right now and make sure you gym gear is in check.

3. Highlight Your Best Features

Everybody has them, those features that makes them feel confident and look better. In the gym, it’s all about body confidence. Wear the right clothing that fits you right and work towards the body that you want. Say you have nice legs and muscular thighs, wear shorts more often. If you have broad shoulders and big arms, cutoffs and tank tops are probably best for you. Figure out what you have, and show it off. If this doesn’t sound like you, then wear a long sleeve tee and take the safe route, just pull up sleeves for some extra sexiness.

4.Dress According To Workout

When I hit legs, I usually wear shorts rather than sweats because I feel less restricted and have a larger range of motion. When I work out my upper body, I always wear a tank top. You look more jacked and feel more confident. Therefore, a hell of a lot more sexy. Now, go talk to that pretty girl on the treadmill.

5. Don’t Be Obnoxious

Some people take this confidence thing to a whole another level and people start hating you. All this hard work went to waste becuase people can’t stand you. Also, please don’t grunt really loud. Don’t be that guy. Lastly, don’t be “Mr. Accessory”, if you’re wearing a belt, then use it correctly.


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