How To Make Sure Your Jeans Fit Properly

Posted on Feb 11,2019 in Style

Jeans are an essential for almost everybody. They are just a staple clothing item that can be worn on almost every occasion. Think about it. You can dress jeans up or dress them down; they are super versatile! However, many guys are just wearing their jeans wrong. There are a lot of different aspects you need to look at when wearing jeans. So, in today’s article I will be giving you several tips to make sure you are wearing your jeans properly!

1.The Waist

In order to make sure your jeans fit properly, you need to see how they fit your waist. For example, I see so many guys sagging their jeans or getting jeans that are just way to big. On the other hand, I see so many guys getting jeans that are clearly way to tight for them. So, you need to make sure the jeans you choose to wear will securely stay on your waist without a belt, but are not tight at the same time.

2.The Rise

There are three different rises on jeans: the high rise, the mid-rise, and the low rise. But which one should you pick? The high rise is very unflattering, the low rise will just make you look feminine, so go with the mid-rise. This rise will ensure a good looking fit and people will be sure to notice. Girls always check out how jeans fit on guys, so make sure yours fit correctly! Always go with a mid-rise fit when buying jeans.

3.The Hips & Butt

The important rule here is that there should be no sagging. It will just make it look like you are wearing a diaper. As mentioned previously, girls like to check out guys in jeans. Where do they look? Yup, the butt. So, make sure your jeans perfectly compliment your butt & hip region. If you are a guy who wants to increase his luck in getting women, try pairing your perfectly fitting jeans with some accessories.

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4.The Thighs

This is an area that I usually have trouble with. If you want to make sure your jeans fit properly around your thigh area, do this simple test. Put your jeans on, and pinch the side of your thigh. If they fit properly, you should be grabbing anywhere from half an inch to a full inch of fabric. If you can’t grab any, they are too tight and you should size up.

5.The Inseam

The inseam in the measurement from the bottom part of your crotch to the bottom part of the jeans. So many guys get this wrong. Here is how can ensure your inseam is the proper size. If you see any bunching, or heavy bunching at the end of your jeans, the inseam is too big. If you see no bunching and the jeans are above your ankles, the inseam is too small. You need to make sure the bottom of the jeans is around your ankles with little to no bunching.

6.The Leg Opening

This area of the jeans is usually over looked. However, it is a very important aspect to your jeans. You need to make sure your leg opening is properly tapered. If they are too big it will suffocate your shoes, but if it is too small it just won’t look right. So, make sure they are the perfect size and will sit comfortable on top of your shoes.