How to Make Your Face MORE Defined | Develop an Attractive Jawline

Posted on Feb 28,2018 in Grooming


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You want definition, that’s how you’re going to get a chiseled jawline. In order to achieve that, you’re going to need a proper beard trimmer. One of my all-time favorite beard trimmer is from a brand called Brio. What makes them different is their use of a ceramic blade, while others use stainless steel. Not to mention, it’s 4x harder than stainless steel, meaning it hold it’s sharpness way longer.

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In my opinion, this thing is way more sharper than any other product on the market. It cuts through any type of hair with ease. If you want any sort of definition these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Follow your jaw-line and get rid of any neck beard
  2. Line up the top part of your beard
  3. Make sure both sides are symmetrical

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There’s two ways you can go about this. I personally have never tried it but barbers will usually use a dye called Bigen, this will fill in any patches in your beard and give you a fuller look. However, this only looks good if its done by someone who’s experienced and knows how to apply it. Otherwise, it could become a huge mess.

Secondly, you can use hair fibers. This is a more natural route and easier to apply.

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Essentially, it’s used as a spray and it’s made from ingredients ┬álike cotton. It was made for hair on top but you can use it on your beard to cover up any patches.


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The jaw muscle is just like any other muscle in your body. You need to cut down body fat, and start working it out. You can easily google some exercises on google for free, but if you want to challenge yourself, there’s equipment you can buy that put resistance on your jawline. This puts more tension on those muscle and make sure they look more defined and chiseled.


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With too much body fat, your jaw will never look as chiseled as possible. Look at the picture and realize what fat does to you. A good thing to remember to to try to keep your sodium intake low, it’s not only bad for your skin, it also retains a lot of water.


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This is a completely free exercise and you won’t look like a complete fool doing it. Smiling more lifts up your facial muscles and it delivers a more toned/structured face.





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