How to NOT Get NERVOUS Around Girls

Posted on Feb 23,2018 in Lifestyle


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Most of our nervous reactions come from overthinking of the possible negative outcomes when approaching a girl. However, if you use the 3,2,1 approach where you only give yourself 3 seconds to go talk to a girl, it doesn’t give your brain enough time to overthink and you just go for it. Remember, it’s all about doing and not thinking.


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How do you do that? It’s easy…when you’re wearing your favorite fit or driving a freshly clean car, you feel like you’re on top of the world. A lot of times, these tiny superficial items do reflect a confident boost and make you feel better. For me, it’s a watch. Whenever I put on my Original Grain watch, I get a rush of confidence. I’m so used to wearing a watch, that whenevr I don’t have one on, I feel naked. If you’re in the market for a watch, I highly suggest you check out Original Grain.

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Practice is the key to making you confident around girls. So what I would is find girls that you aren’t so attracted to, this is going to put you in the mindset where you don’t care if she rejects you. Now that the pressure is off, you can comfortably go up to girls and have a great conversation. Once you master this, it’s time to go after the person you want, and thank me later when it actually works.


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If you go into the conversation, thinking that this girl is super hot and completely out of your league. This isn’t a good mindset to begin with. It’s just going to make it harder and more nerve-racking for yourself. However, if you start by thinking that “Eh, she’s not THAT attractive”, you’ll be able to talk to her like a normal person. If that doesn’t work, think about something that’s completely off-topic and makes you less nervous to talk to her.


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One thing that guys do, that’s a huge mistake, is that they’re looking for so many ways to impress a girl. Forget all that, by the time she responded, you’re going to start to get nervous and stumble upon your words. You don’t want that, don’t get stuck in a awkward situation. That fact of the matter is, most girls don’t get approached by guys everyday. So, just the gesture of you coming up to her is enough to impress her. Forget about impressing her, just try to hold a conversation for 1-2 minutes and when you feel that the time is right, ask for her number! Simple as that.

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