How to Properly Take a Shower | My Shower Routine

Posted on Apr 13,2018 in Lifestyle

Taking a shower is probably one of my favorite things. You can relax, take some time to yourself, and ponder some of life’s greatest mysteries. Although you might be like “Really Jose? All I need is soap and water, you don’t need to teach me how to take a shower”. Well, today I want to show you guys how to maximize your time, also keeping your skin glowing and your hair looks luscious all the time. Let’s begin!


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Super hot water makes your skin dry and is damaging over time. Cold water is optimal becuase of it’s benefits. But let’s be honest here, most people aren’t comfortable with a freezing shower. It’s simple, just find the middle ground. Lukewarm water isn’t too hot or cold, it’s the perfect balance of both giving you a enjoyable water temperature.


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A good rule of thumb is to always work from the top down. Start with hair (Sidenote: YOU DON’T HAVE TO WASH YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY), make sure you dig in there, get rid of all the dirt and oil buildup in your hair. That’s why I like using the Scalp Massager, it does of great job of removing any access product that’s still in your hair and thoroughly   cleans your scalp.

Using one of these tools makes the biggest difference when it comes to cleaning your scalp. Most people only shampoo their hair strands and don’t actually reach the scalp, it’s also a big factor in dandruff build-up. All in all, I highly suggest you pick one of these bad boys up, they’ll make the biggest difference in the shower and as always, since they’re a sponsor, it’s always affordable. To check out the Scalp Massager, click “here“.


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Shampoo strips your scalp of any oil and dirt leaving it dry and brittle. That’s why we have conditioner, it rehydrates your hair. Applying it as a second step is perfect because it allows you to have it in for 3-5 minutes while you move on to other parts of your body.


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Personally, I prefer to put my cleanser on my Vanity Planet Spin Brush. I start with my face and deep-cleanse it for 1-2 minutes. Once I’m done, I switch out the brush to something bigger and wash my back.

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I do in fact have back acne and this spin-brush helps a lot. That’s why if you have any type of shoulder, chest or back acne, I highly recommend you try out this Vanity Planet Spin Brush. At this point, you’re probably telling yourself “Damn, I don’t have a Spin Brush or a Scalp Massager”. Well today is your lucky day, I reached out to Vanity Planet and we figured out a way to bundle both of the products for a great deal! So click “here” to pick yourself up the best shower accessories on the market.


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Now that you took care of all the acne prone areas. Move onto the body soap, use a loofah or a scrubbing pad since the skin on your body is a bit tougher. Scrub the areas where there is a lot of bacteria build up like the armpits and groin area.


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You want to keep these showers anywhere from 5-10 minutes. Which means the process we just went through, shouldn’t last more than 10 minutes. Prolonged time in the shower can damage your skin, especially in the long run.


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After you’re done showering, apply moisturizer for ultimate skin health. Apply it all over your body and use a face moisturizer for obviously your face and like that, you’re going to have beautiful skin.

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