How To Stop Being Shy and Awkward

Posted on Oct 12,2017 in Lifestyle

Although you may think otherwise, it’s actually not uncommon to be shy or socially awkward.  A lot of guys go through this so you are not alone. Luckily for you, here are 5 things you can do to stop being shy.

Realize That To An Extent Everyone Is Socially Awkward

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Essentially everyone cares what people think about them. Even the most confident guy can have anxiety in a social situation. Just know that you are not alone in these kinds of situations.

You Make Things Worse When You Think Negatively

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Our brains have something called “mirror neurons”. These neurons are what actually help us connect with people when we are interacting with them in social situations.  This means that they can fell when you start getting tense or start feeling awkward the other person can also feel the tension. That is what makes them want to remove themselves from that situation. You have to remove that awkwardness and produce a more positive image, even if you’re nervous inside. In other words,…fake it till you make it.

Feel Better About Yourself


You do this with confidence. Inner confidence has to be one of your most powerful tools. You have to make sure your grooming is on point, have a killer hairstyle and your style should be on point.

Act As If you Already Have Social Skills

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When it comes to social situations you want to make sure that you act as if you are a social butterfly (fake it till you make it). In this situation, you want to make sure that you act like the host of the situation, smile, and make people feel welcome.

Put Yourself Out There

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No one is going to do the work for you. The only way to get better is to practice. The great thing about this is that you’ll realize that it’s not that bad once you get out there and that you can get better. Remember, that even if the first few times are a complete disaster you should take it as a learning experience and things will eventually get better.


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