How To Trim Your Beard To Make It Look Full!

Posted on Nov 27,2018 in Grooming

Step 1: Let It Grow Out

This is the first step in giving yourself the beard of your dreams. Before you can do anything with your beard, you need to make sure you have a lot of facial hair to work with. So, regardless of how patchy your beard may look, make sure to grow it out. You’re going to need as much facial hair as you can get, so let it grow out for around 2-4 weeks.

Step 2: “Draw Your Beard”

So, for this step, you are literally going to want to draw your beard. You are going to do this by taking a trimmer and getting the closest shave possible. Essentially you are then going to want to trim the outline of your beard. Our sponsor, Brio, offers one of the best trimmers on the market. The Beardscape by Brio, has a built in ceramic blade, which is ultra-sharp in comparison to a steel blade.

Along with this, its adjustable, so you have total control over your beard grooming. It’s literally the best tool to have to shape up your beard and essentially “draw it”. It also comes with clip guards and a travel case. So, check out The Beardscape by Brio right now, we have a special offer just for you guys!

Step 3: Shape Your Beard

After you have let your facial hair grow out, and after you have given yourself an outline for your beard, you’re going to want to shape it up. With a small pair of beard trimming scissors, you can actually give yourself whatever facial shape you want. Just shape your beard and clean in up to fulfill whatever look you want to pull off. For example, if you want to look slimmer, focus on thinning out dense area of your beard.

Step 4: Even Out Your Facial Hair

After all of these steps, you are now going to even out your hair. So, to do this, you want to use a trimmer with a shave guard and just work it around your entire beard. Use the trimmer at every direction so you get a nice, evened look. Make sure to always double check your facial hair after this step to make sure there are no hairs sticking out or hairs that are uneven.

Step 5: Use A Beard Wash

Using a beard wash will ultimately just get rid of any lose hairs that are on your face after you trimmed it. It will make sure that there is no dead skin or unwanted hairs remaining on your face. This step is just a prep for the next step which about to get mentioned.

Step 6: Use Beard Oil

The last step is easy, use a beard oil. Using a beard oil just finishes everything up. The oil will actually get rid of any flyaway hairs that are sticking up and it will just make your beard look clean and angular. Beard oil also keeps the hair on your face conditioned and healthy. Who doesn’t want a healthy beard?


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