How to Wear a T-shirt & Look AWESOME!

Posted on Feb 10,2018 in Style


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A t-shirt will just follow your body’s natural lines. Highlighting both your attributes and negative features. The best way to fight this is start working out and build a physique that is a bit more balanced.



I get it, it’s impossible to get ripped overnight. But there are ways a t-shirt can make you look better and the secret is to make sure it fits right.  One of the biggest things you need to look at is your shoulder seams. You make sure the seams actually end where your shoulders end. Another important aspect is making sure the shirt is snug around the chest region. This what is going to highlight your chest and make it look bigger. You also don’t want your shirt to be super tight around the mid-section. This will give you more mobility and hide some of your love handles. Finally, the area most guys get wrong..the sleeves. You don’t want any extra fabric in this area. Even if you have muscular arms, all that extra space is gonna make them look like twigs. What you want is a nice and snug fit, that sit right on top of your tricep. That’s what we focus on when making our ESNTL tee. Every man needs a basic ESNTL that fits good and most importantly makes you look good.

ESNTLS tees are great for any occasion, you can wear them casually, dressed up or even sporty.

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On top of that, we tried several blends when it came to shirts. We came up with a perfect blend of cotton and bamboo that will you give you a soft, comfortable perfect fit, straight out of the bag. Most importantly, it won’t shrink after 3 washes like your regular cheap t-shirt. The great thing with the bamboo is, it acts like a natural anti-bacterial agent. That means it’s going to help suppress some of those odors and keep you fresh all day.



You need to focus on the basics first. Start with white, it’s a neutral color that works every skin. This is a must in any guy’s wardrobe. Once you get the white, pick up a black tee, I feel that a black t-shirt brings out the sexiest parts of men. Lastly, you need a grey shirt, this is sort of in between white and black. This is perfect becuase it works with everything.


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I strongly suggest against polyester and any synthetic fabrics. These don’t tend to breath as well, fit as nice, or last as long. Cotton is usually always recommended. It’s always going to be more breathable, after one wash, it shrinks. This is why, at ESNTL we made a balanced blend of cotton and bamboo, to keep it breathable, yet avoid shrinking at the same time.


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When you have that quality t-shirt, the possibilities are endless. Think outside the box, you can wear this t-shirt with anything. Layer your tees, add outer-pieces to give you a more dressier look. Once you have the perfect t-shirt, you can basically wear it with everything.