How to Wear Streetwear Like a Grown MAN

Posted on Jul 15,2018 in Style

I would love to lie to you and say that style has no age group and you can wear whatever you want. However, that could only be a dream, you will always be judged for it, I can’t help it and so can’t you. People will automatically perceive you differently with the clothing you have on and categorize you in a certain status. Let’s say you like some aspects of streetwear, but you don’t want to be considered a hypebeast. That’s what I’m going to show you today, how to wear “street-ier” clothing while still remaining professional and mature. Let’s Begin!

1.Get The Right Brands

With all the streetwear brands out there it could get a little overwhelming and a bit confusing on what to choose. One tip that I always follow is try to get your hands on certain items that not everyone else can. That could be tricky unless you use StockX, of course. It got you covered for all hype and street-wear items. The coolest part from this website is that you can shop for anything from Supreme to Off-White and see their actual market value. From there, you decide if you’re getting the best deal or if you want to wait to see it drop. In addition, StockX also sells luxury watches like Rolex and Audemars Piguet.

2.Know How To Wear It

If you just throw on a bunch of Supreme, you’ll just look a try-hard clown instead of someone who likes style and clothing. Making your outfit look smart, it’s not about the little pieces but the total outfit. Take a dressier outfit for example, white shirt, black jeans, white shoes and a trench coat. All you have to do is throw on a hoodie and you got yourself a streetwear fit! As shown above.

3.Mix And Match

Let’s say there’s one piece that you like. For example, an oversized jumper. That doesn’t mean that the rest of your outfit has to be oversized. Mix and Match, make it classy. Just take that oversized jumper and throw on some skinny jeans and chelsea boots. Not only will that jumper stand out, but the rest of your fit compliments it very well.

If you’re looking into buying more streetwear pieces, browse around different websites and start tagging them with ShopTagr. It’s a free app on your computer that allows you save different items and notifies you when the prices drops and when your size restocks. I use it everyday, whatever I like, I just tag it and save it for later. If you want to be a smart shopper, start using ShopTagr today!

4. It’s All About Your Sneakers

In streetwear, your shoes really make or break the outfit. If what I explained before isn’t your cup of tea and you prefer to dress dapper but want to change it up. Switch out your shoes to something more trendier. Take this outfit shown above for example, I’m not wearing anything considered “hype” however , my shoes set me apart from the rest and make my outfit more “streetwear”.