I Spent $6,000 On A Hypebeast Outfit…Here Are My Thoughts

Posted on Jul 08,2018 in Style

Gentlemen! So in today’s article I wanted to talk about about a shopping spree I had on Melrose Ave in L.A. where I ended up spending close to $6,000.

Before I show you guys what I got, I wanted to give a shoutout to Zero’s, they hooked it up for us. If you’re style leans more toward hype beast then I definietly recommend you check them out. Let’s Begin.


So basically I picked up a hyped-up Gildan t-shirt. Keep in mind, these shirt do retail for $30, but becuase of it’s rarity, they reach prices up to $800. However, even for $30, I’d have second thoughts.

Unlike, wearing some like ESNTLS, which fits your body perfectly. It extenuates every muscle on your upper body. This is exactly how a t-shirt should fit.

This is what I call the world’s best fitting t-shirt. If you want to wear something that actually flatter your body, I highly suggest you click on this LINK now! THE STORE IS NOW LIVE and items are going to sell out quick! Whether it be the ESTNL t-shirt or our new track-pants, no matter what you pick, you’ll end up better than buying anything from any hype beast brand, and that’s something I’ll vouch for.

So if you want any of these pieces, head over there now! They’re not going to be here for long. Our last collection sold out in under 3 days. Don’t miss out!


Out of all the pieces I picked up, this is my favorite. A crew neck sweater is a classic menswear piece and I feel most guys can pull this off. I love the color and overall a good pickup. Even though, it’s $250, it’s a reasonable price compared to everything else.

3. AIR YEEZY 1, $2000

I know…but I wanted these for a while. But I always had concerns whether they’ll work with my style or not. Although they are used, they’re in great condition and definietly a grail in my collection.


How could I have gone to L.A. and not hit up the Gucci store. As you guys can see I spent a lot of money on this but it sure was worth it, in my opinion. It’s a reversible bomber jacket, so I get 2 jackets in one. The price is definitely more reasonable with the quality that backs it up, unlike a brand like Supreme.

What do you guys think? Should I become a hype beast now or what?