I Took A Cold Shower Every Day For 30 Days

Posted on Feb 11,2019 in Lifestyle

You all have probably heard that cold showers are healthy and actually benefit you. It is simply backed by scientific research. However, I had to put this theory to the test. I wanted to see what cold showers would do to my body over the course of 30 days. The results will shock you. Cold showers provide your body with so many positive benefits, it’s simply crazy! I put my stamp of approval on taking cold showers, and recommend them to you guys. But you may be asking yourself, “Jose, what are the benefits of cold showers?” Well, here they are:

1.Cold Showers Build Stronger Immunity

You might be asking, “how does a cold shower build stronger immunity, this has to be bs?” Well, you are wrong. Cold showers actually increase your white blood cell count. Those cells are strictly used to fight off harmful toxins and germs within our body. It is proven by scientific research, and I can vouch for this claim. It really does! I have felt better than ever this past month.

2.Cold Showers Give You Instant Energy

The shock that the cold water gives you as it hits your body is like no other. Coffee and energy drinks can’t produce this same effect. It is truly amazing. I have noticed that my mornings have become so much more productive. When I jump into work I am immediately ready to get my work done, whereas before taking cold showers I was sluggish and kind of eased myself into my work. Trust me on this, cold showers are the best.

3.Cold Showers Give You Softer Hair & Skin

If you want to have softer skin and hair, start taking cold showers. First, women love this. Secondly, you’ll feel so much more confident. Cold water allows your natural oils to stay in your skin and hair, where warm water strips it from you. I paired my cold showers with our products at Hudson & Mane, and I haven’t felt sexier in my entire life!

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4.Cold Showers Make You Mentally Stronger

As I previously mentioned, cold showers give you instant energy. But if you think about it, you can use this energy to your benefit. I would always go to the gym in the morning and throughout my month of cold showers I was so mentally strong that I easily crushed PR’s in the gym. The shock of energy from the cold water gave me energy, which then mentally strengthened me to hit new records, which then made me physically stronger. I am telling you right now, cold showers are the way to go.

5.Cold Showers Improve Your Breathing

When you take cold showers, it makes you breathe heavily. When you take these showers on the regular, you can practice different breathing styles to enhance your breathing. You will be able to hold your breath longer, and overall have healthier breathing habits. Try it out, and see how much better your breathing gets.


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