iPhone Settings That You Didn’t Know You Needed To Change!

Posted on Jan 07,2018 in Tech


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Auto-brightness doesn’t work for me. It either gets too bright or too dark whenever I don’t want it to. In order to change that, you need to Settings–>General–>Accessibility–> Display Accommodations–>and turn off Auto Brightness.


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You can highlight certain phrases and have the phone read to you. Anything from a text message to something you find online. You can turn this on by going to Settings–> General–>Accessibility–>Speech–>swipe to turn on Speak Selection.


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This is one of my favorite features on the iPhone. Having Keychain synced to all of your Mac products makes life so much simpler. To turn on Keychain you must go onto your iCloud and turn it on. Anytime you need a password that’s saved on your keychain, you can retrieve it from your iPhone, Macbook, iPad or whatever Apple products you have.


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This is a great feature, especially if you have strong wifi in home or in the office. It turns out nice and crystal clear. To turn this on go to Settings–>Cellular–>Wi-Fi Calling.


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This will drain your battery whenever you’re not on wi-fi. When you’re on wifi, you’re most likely close to an outlet so you can charge it when it gets low. However, when you’re out and about, you don’t want your apps refreshing while you’re using data. The way you turn this off is go to Settings–>General–>Background App Refresh–>select Wi-fi.


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Some people like having significant locations off, personally I’m not too worried about them. But if you are, I’ll show you how to do it. Go to Settings–>Privacy–>Location Services–>System Services. Once you get to that page, press significant locations and it will show you exactly where you’ve been with your phone. But you can easily turn it off, as shown above.


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This is a very important feature to enable. Let’s say you get into a car accident or something happens where you need emergency assistance, this is crucial. It can be activated by going to Settings–>Emergency SOS. From there you can fill in your emergency contacts, blood time, and body features (height, weight, age, etc.)


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Some features are automatically enabled on a locked phone including Siri and replying to messages. Those are probably some things that you don’t people have access to. Furthermore, to change that you go to Settings–>Face ID & Passcode. From there you will be able to see the privileges allowed on a locked phone.


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There’s studies out there that say the color of the screen can mess with your sleep. Fortunately, there’s a feature called Nightshift, where the color of the screen will change before going to bed. In order to do that, go to Settings–>Displays–>Nightshift. You can set a custom schedule or from Sunrise to Sunset.