Luxury Pieces That ARE Worth The Money

Posted on Feb 19,2018 in Style

Today, I want to talk about pieces that are worth investing in. Stuff you can buy now and in 10 years from now, you’ll still be using it everything. Let’s get started!


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Although, this will run you about $200, but this brand is so classic and timeless, that you can feel safe investing into this brand. Just to give you an example, Wayfarers were introduced in the 1950s. Seventy years later, people are wearing them today and it’s still fashionable.


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This can suite any style you like, a duffel-bag, backpack, or a satchel. Whatever you like, works best. For example, a couple years ago, I bought myself my first Carl Friedrik bag and it still looks amazing. This same bag, 5 years from now is still going to look the same, if not better. All the scratches and imperfections is what make this bag beautiful. Overall, that’s why I love Carl Friedrik, the craftsmanship and design that goes into these bags is impeccable and they use the best materials in the world. Whether you are a young professional or a older gentleman, any of their products will get you stares and admirations. Although, you’re spending a little bit of more money, these bags are the worth the value, quality and the craftsmanship. Overall, I highly suggest you check out Carl Friedrick and use code “TMFBAG” for 10% off!


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With brands like Rolex, AP, IWC, Omega, they come with a price but they actually hold their value at the end of the day. Let’s say 4 years down the line and you want to sell the watch, you can easily make most of your money back from what you paid for originally. You need to remember to stay away from brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton or any other “Luxury” watches because, although you’re paying premium prices, you’re not getting the quality and they don’t hold their value.


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Good quality jackets are usually made from cow-hide, it’s sturdy and will last you a while. The great thing about about these jackets is the more you use it, the better it looks. It doesn’t get “worn out”. Look at G-Easy, he keeps using the same leather jacket and that thing just looks better with age.


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Especially if you’re older, this is a must in your closet. There’s going to be so many different times of your life where a good pair of leather shoes is needed. A meeting, wedding, formal events and the list goes on. A good pair of shoes, instantly elevates your look and makes you look expensive.