NEVER Do These 5 Things With Your Money

Posted on Aug 29,2018 in Lifestyle

You know what I realized? Us as millennials, or young adults, we have a hard time being money conscious, with the newest Starbucks drink coming out every week, it’s hard to save money. The sad part is, we’re not even realizing it. So today I wanted to show you the top 5 things you’re probably wasting your money on. Let’s begin!

1. Alcohol/Caffeine

According to, 51% of millennials, ages 20-25 go to a bar at least once a week. Another website states, the same statistic goes to a coffee shop at least 3 times a week. On average you could be spending anything from $3-$10 a week on any of these drinks. This is basically a toilet funnel for your bank account. This is also another explanation why millennials have a more of a spending habit than their elder and have less control of their savings. In other words, this is wasting your money.

2.Phone Bill

No one tells you how much it sucks being a grownup until you have to pay your own bills. Out of everything that I have to pay for, there’s only one that sticks out the most to me and it’s something I use everyday. My phone bill. As of right now, I have AT&T and have unlimited everything, guess how much I’m paying. $100 a month! Truth is, I don’t even use all the unlimited data. That’s when Mint Mobile caught my eye, when they told me they have wireless plans starting at only $15 a month! That’s freaking amazing…and also means I’m getting ripped off by my other carrier.

At first, I was a bit skeptical and asked them “How can you offer an unlimited plan at such a cheap cost?” It’s simple. They cut out all the middle men and work directly with the consumer, they don’t have any retailers or physical stores. They sell to you. If you’re a young guy and want to stop overpaying for your phone bill, I highly suggest you check out Mint Mobile. All you have to do is go to their website, pick your plan, and they ship out the SIM card. Easy as that. They run on T-Mobile’s network so you know you’re getting good service wherever you go! On top of that, if you don’t like it, you have 7 days to get your money back.

3. Your Weekend 

I saw a statistic that came out that read Americans spend their most money on weekends, more specifically on Saturdays. For some reason, whether it’s you need to relief stress or for some other reason, people feel as though they need to throw away their money own simple pleasures. Instead, try to fight against it and cook that dinner date  at home and not at the fanciest restaurant in town.

4.Cable TV

Let’s be honest, when’s the last time you actually watched cable TV. I can’t even remember. You’re not alone, 61% of adults only use streaming services such as Netflix to watch their shows. I would recommend canceling these and sign up for a streaming service, if you don’t want to do that, you got YouTube as well, and that’s free.

5.Un-Used Gym Memberships

Don’t be a gym-donor. A lot of guys have 2-3 gyms that they signed up and never use them. Again, that’s just as good as throwing your money in the air. Sign up to one and actually use it, not only will it benefit you, but put your money in good use.

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