The #1 reason why you are ugly

Posted on Jan 27,2019 in Lifestyle

I am a guy who likes to help other men succeed within life. I want all of my followers to be stylish and improve their looks. A problem with a lot of men is that they might think they are ugly or they might just lack some of the looks that they wish they had. Well, the fact of the matter is some guys are ugly. The #1 reason that makes a guy ugly is Pride! Yes, Pride! Here are a few reasons why:

1.You Are Too Prideful To Admit That You Are Overweight or Too Skinny!

A lot of men struggle with their body image. I was there at one point. I was skinnier than a bean pole, but I thought I looked fine. That was my pride kicking in. Well, I got rid of my pride and decided change was necessary. So, I followed a workout plan from Body Building, and started taking their supplements. That is when I saw change.

Body Building will show you how to properly train, and they will also provide you with the supplements you need to get fit and in shape! Go check out Body Buildings amazing articles, workout plans, and their in-house supplements. They have all of the protein, vitamins, and every other supplement you can think of!

2.You Are Too Prideful To Buy Skin Care Products!

Guys, it is not a bad thing to shop in the same aisles as a woman. Sure, women like to take care of their appearance and they choose to buy skin care products, but men should too! If you are too prideful to go into Sephora or CVS and shop for skin care products, you aren’t living life right. Women like a well-groomed and clean man, so if you want to be a man that a woman will want, pay attention to your skin and make sure it is always in proper shape.

3.You Are Too Prideful To Leave Your Shell

The problem with a lot of men is that they trap themselves in a shell. They block themselves from social interaction because they might lack confidence or social skills. Well, there are two things that men need in order to properly break out of their shell: charisma and proper social skills. With these two superpowers behind your belt, you will no longer be a scared duck who is too afraid to approach women or spark up a conversation with your crush. Life is too short to sit on the sidelines and wait, go after what you want!

4.You Are Too Prideful To Lose Your Masculinity

There are a lot of activities that men think only women should do. Such as: waxing their eyebrows, manscaping, grooming themselves, cooking, cleaning, etc. Whatever the task is, you need to realize that a woman isn’t the only one who is supposed to be doing that task. A true man will do these things, because it betters their appearance. At the end of the day a woman doesn’t want to come home to a slob, but instead they want to come home to a handsome man!

5.Pride Itself

The sad truth is that so many guys have been brought up thinking that they need to be better than everyone else and be at the top. Well, that’s not the case. Pride is one of the most unattractive things to a woman and to pretty much everyone. Suck up your pride and get rid of it. If you keep your pride bottled up inside of you, you can prepare yourself for a lonely life. It’s not that hard to not be arrogant and understand your mistakes.

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