The 5 BEST Pieces of Jewelry for Men to Wear (and How to wear it)

Posted on Jan 10,2018 in Style


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This is the one piece of jewelry that might come across as too feminine…if you do it wrong. The first thing you want to make sure is that it’s a minimal piece. Something that’s thin. On the other hand, if they’re too thick or flashy, it just makes you look like a SoundCloud rapper trying to flex. Also, keep in mind the length. Personally, I like my necklaces when they are a little bit longer. The one I have from RoseGold&Black is 24 inches.

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If you want something smaller, 18 inches works too. Anything less than that, looks a bit more feminine.


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My personal rule, you only want a maximum of 2 bracelets per wrist and that’s pushin’ it. Anything more, you’re just crossing the line. Another important rule is to match your bracelet with your watch, whether it be matching metals or same tone of colors. This is going to creating some sort of symmetry and avoid making it look out of place. Lastly, look for masculine jewelry.

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This is why I love RoseGold&Black so much, all of their designs are masculine and minimal. There’s not one piece in there that you could go wrong with. Their jewelry will bring your outfit to that extra step and make you look stylish. Lucky for you guys, we have a link to get to our special page with exclusive discounts, just click “here” and get your favorite piece!


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This is a must. It’s up to you, whether it’s a smart or regular watch, but it will make you look more put together. Personally, it looks like a status symbol, every time you put on a watch, it makes you look expensive and rich, like you spent a lot on your outfit. If you are just starting to get into jewelry, a watch is the best place to start!


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Like necklaces, rings can come off a little feminine. I would recommend to not exceed 1 ring per hand. No more than that, and 100% avoid any thumb rings. This is one piece that’s hard to pull off, but if you do it right, it definitely upgrades your outfit.


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This one is more so for formal wear. You’re not going to be wearing this everyday. It’s only for occasions when you’re going to dress up. It’s a great add-on that takes you that extra step, that most people won’t be doing.