The 5 MOST STYLISH Ways To Wear Chinos

Posted on Oct 04,2018 in Style

Chinos are one of the most versatile pants you could ever wear. They go with nearly every outfit combination and they just make you look sophisticated and well dressed. These pants should be in every man’s wardrobe. They are less restricting then jeans as well. Now that you have some facts, here are 5 ways to wear chinos with style.

1.The Scumbag Look

This look is where you take pair of chinos and include it in your outfit with a look that seems like you don’t care about your outfit but you low-key do. Justin Bieber made this look pretty popular with his recent style choices. Imagine someone who wears a pair of tailored khaki pants, with white tube socks, some vans, and an oversized Hawaiian shirt. This is what “The Scumbag Look” essentially looks like to give you an idea. This look consists of trendy items all compiled into a weird look.

2.The Sophisticated Look

This look is pretty much what it sounds like. Chinos are very universal so you can do so much with them. To try out this look, you want to take a pair of chinos and add a sophisticated flair to them with your other outfit pieces. Imagine airing a pair of chinos with a turtle neck or a nice jacket, that is essentially what this look will look like. It will come across as well planned out and dapper. Our sponsor, Indochino, has the best fitting pants in the game right now, because they take your measurements online!

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3.The Business Casual Look

This look is essentially for the guy who wants to have an active, yet business look to them. Imagine throwing on a pair of chinos, with a well-fitting dress shirt and blazer jacket. This look will make you look stylish as well as business ready. It’s definitely a go to look for those of you who want to dress up, but not put all the effort into throwing on a full suit.

4.The Youthful Look

This look is what you might find on a younger guy. If you want to succeed the youthful look, you’re basically going to throw on a pair of chinos and a tee shirt. If the weather is on the colder side, you can throw on a long sleeve jean shirt and call it a day. This look is stylish and low maintenance.

5.The Date Night Look

This look is very simple, yet elegant at the same time. To accomplish this look and come across as “date night ready”, all you need is a pair of chinos, sneakers, and a collared polo style shirt. This look makes it look like you put a lot of time into your outfit, but we both know it only took a few minutes to throw on. Also, this look will impress your date a lot!