The 5 MOST Versatile Shoes EVERY Man Should Own!

Posted on Jul 10,2018 in Style

If you know me, you know I love shoes. It has to be one of my favorite pieces in menswear. However, there are only a couple of shoes that I wear day in and day out. I would consider them to be my versatile shoes and here they are!


No matter the brand or style, you need at least ONE athletic trainer that you can wear to the gym or just out and about. Personally, I’m rockin’ the Nike Flyknit Racers, due to the comfortability of them and the versatility, they’re super light so it’s great for walking around.

2.Chukka Boot

These are some of the few shoes whether it’s blazin’ hot outside or snowing, you will be able to pull of this shoe. Luckily, I got them from Massdrop for a great price! If you’re unfamiliar with Massdrop, it’s a company that uses crowdsourcing to offer quality goods at ridicously low prices. These exact shoes go for about $500 retail, however will Massdrop you can get these shoes at a whopping 52% discount. On top of that, I had the audacity to ask for even an extra discount for my viewers and they agreed. So, if you click on this LINK, you’ll get the regular discount plus something extra just because you’re reading this.

3.Black Leather Shoe


Notice how I didn’t say dress shoe or sneaker. It all depends on your current situation and which one you wold use more. Either of these, deliver a killer night-out shoe which makes a modern and slick outfit.  In addition, they’re both super versatile so you know you’ll be wearing this a lot.


From something dressy like leather tassel loafers to something casual like suede penny loafers, they make a great addition to an outfit. This also depends on your age, if you’re younger, I’d probably lean more towards the suede loafers and vice versa if you were older. All in all, a great shoe to have in your collection.

5. Casual Sneaker

Obviously the white sneaker is my favorite that’s why I have like 10 pairs of them. However, if that’s not your cup of tea, then you’re looking for anything for a structured silhouette that’s in a neutral color. This is going to ensure that you can wear it year round with any color combination you could think of.