The 8 Best Jackets For Fall & Winter

Posted on Dec 09,2018 in Style

We are officially in the Fall and Winter seasons. This is the perfect time for layering and essentially when your outfits get a lot more intricate. This time of the year is when everyone gets the most stylish. What can you do to be the most stylish? Utilize jackets to their best potential! Jackets are an essential year-round, but during this time of year they are necessary! Here are the 8 best jackets for the fall and winter season that all men need!

1.The Bomber Jacket

This has to be one of my favorite jackets ever. The style of this jacket is timeless and it will never go out of trend. If you are a streetwear guy or someone who likes the casual look, this jacket does both! These jackets come in different thickness and materials so there are specific models for warmer and colder temperatures. These jackets truly speak for themselves and you should definitely have at least one in your closet.

2.A Field Jacket

Just like bomber jackets, field jackets are timeless and have been around forever. The cool thing about field jackets is that they are super functional. They typically have a lot more pocket space than other jackets and they will be of a lot more use than a bomber jacket. Not only are they functional, but they are insanely stylish. All of these jackets mentioned can be found at The Menlo Club. The Menlo Club is a monthly subscription source for fashion!

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3.The Suede Jacket

Just like the bomber jacket, the suede jacket comes in a lot of different designs. It is a very versatile jacket that can be used to dress up or to dress down. They are super comfortable, they keep you warm, and the women love them! This is definitely a jacket you should pick up if you don’t have one already.

4.A Leather Jacket

This is the one jacket that you need to have, period. Leather jackets are the most versatile jackets on this list. They are also the most timeless. There will never be a point in time when leather jackets go out of style, it just won’t happen. If you want to have that bad boy look, this is the jacket you should wear. Women absolutely love leather jackets, they are truly one of their favorites. Invest in yourself and put one of these jackets in your closet for the fall and winter seasons!

5.A Denim Jacket

This jacket is definitely one of my favorites. Just like the leather jacket, the denim jacket is super versatile. You can throw on almost anything with a denim jacket and it will look good. They keep you warm and keep you stylish at the same time, it’s literally the best scenario ever. Odds are you have of these already, but if you are late to the fashion game then pick one of these up.

6.A Sherpa Jacket

These jackets are trending right now. Any jacket with Sherpa will automatically make you look like a mobster. They add a next level of “bad boy” to you that not even the leather jacket can give you. They truly make you look like the man. Sherpa jackets are here to stay and when they are worn correctly, women will go crazy for you. That’s a fact!

7.A Parka Jacket

This jacket is going to be a bit longer than the ones previously mentioned, they will typically cover you down to your butt. But the cool thing about these jackets is that are super technical. They not only have functionality by covering your body, but they have a hood that you can use when needed. Parka jackets are just a go to jacket for the colder and rainier seasons.

8.An Over Shirt

This isn’t necessarily a jacket, but it can be utilized as one. An over shirt is perfect when the weather is a little chilly but not super cold. When you throw on an over shirt over a regular t shirt, you’ll look like a stylish stud. This look is simple, but women still love it. They’ll notice that you know how to dress, and that is always a good thing!