The Best EDC Gadgets For Men

Posted on Oct 03,2017 in Tech

Here are the best EDC gadgets that you should be carrying.

EDC Coin


The EDC coin is basically a coin that people carry for either sentimental reasons or just as a fidgeting toy. I have two EDC coins and even though I never carry both of them at the same time I do tend to interchange them every day.



I know, I know, you’re probably thinking that a spinner is just for children…but you’re wrong. Spinners have been part of the EDC community for a long time now and they are just a great little fidgeting toy to have on you. The great thing about spinners is that most of them tend to be very silent, so you don’t have to worry about attracting unwanted attention.

Key Hook


If you are going to be carrying a key hook…make sure it does more than just carry your keys. Get one that has multiple purposes so that you can get more uses out of it.