The Coolest Backpacks for School

Posted on Oct 26,2017 in Style

So I probably should’ve done this article earlier but better late than never. Today, I am going to go over some of the best backpacks to use for school and still be functional and cool for this school year.

Leather Backpack


This probably has to be one of my favorite options for school. Not only is this the most dapper option but if you get good quality backpack it will probably last you for years and the best part is that the more you wear it the better it will look. The perfect option for young guys has to be the Mahi Leather backpacks. They are the perfect option because they are super affordable and made with excellent quality. They are handmade and will be at your door in about a week and the best part is that you can customize your backpack.

Casual Style Backpack


If you are more of the casual type of guy make sure that you check out June house backpacks. This is the perfect option for guys who want to be casual but also want to be stylish. June house backpacks deliver the perfect blend of style and functionality. The best part is that it has tons of space, padded shoulder sleeves, padded air mesh back,  and it’s also waterproof so make sure you check it out.

Modern Style Backpack


The Modern style backpacks tend to be way more minimal and tend to have a clean aesthetic. What they lack in functionality they end to make up for looks. I think that this type of backpack is for the guys that want a more streetwear/street style. This is the perfect backpack if you are looking for a more stylish option. Make sure you check out Venque Modern backpacks to get some stylish options.

Tech-Inspired Backpack


A tech-inspired backpack is for the guy that wants more function but doesn’t really care about style. This bag from Luxur is at a reasonably low price and it is very functional. It has an overall clean design and it doesn’t look overly bulky or nerdy. It is made from an anti-scratch, anti-tear, and waterproof fabric. It also comes with comfortable air mesh padding system and the best part of it is that it actually comes with a cable inside to hook up your external battery pack and it has plenty of storage.

Make sure to tell us which backpack is your favorite! Thanks for reading!