The Coolest Phone Gadgets Ever Made

Posted on Sep 25,2017 in Tech

Today, I’m going to show you some of the coolest phone gadgets ever made and the best thing is that most of them are very affordable.

Hamswan iPhone case

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We all know that waterproof cases usually cost a lot of money (about $100) but the Hamswan waterproof case comes at a steal for just $19.99. I love this case because well, it actually works. It’s not just waterproof but it’s also shockproof, dirt proof, scratch proof, and it’s also ice proof.  It also has a ring on the back that turns 360°; you can use it as a stand or even put your finger through it and use it to hold your phone. Take it from me, buying a waterproof case is definitely a great investment.

iDragon Memory Card Reader

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Do you find that your phone is always running out of memory?  Do you find that you are always searching for a charger whenever you’re out? Well, I have a great solution for you! The iDragon memory card reader is a 2 in 1 cable that for $15.00 you will have both a phone charger and a memory card holder in just 1 cable. It uses a microSD card and you can use any microSD card between 60GB and 120GB. It’s very easy to use, just insert the SD card and download the app, this will make it easy for you to download your pictures, videos, or documents into the SD card.

AvanTree Keychain


Having a cable to charge your phone is a must if you’re going to be out all day. However, we don’t always carry a backpack or briefcase because it’s not always convenient, and carrying a rolled up cable in your pockets can be a hassle. The AvanTree keychain is a genius idea because you are actually carrying a cable on your keys. It’s a little keychain that’s nice and slim and you can charge your phone and transfer data on the go. For only $12.99 this is a steal.

db MAGIX Amplifier

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You all know how much I hated when Apple removed the headphone jack.  Fortunately, the db MAGIX amplifier is an adapter that you can plug into your phone and not only can you plug in your headphones, but it’s also an amplifier.  On top of being an amplifier and an adapter, you can also control your music (it has a pause/play, rewind, and fast-forward buttons) and it includes a microphone so you can take a call without taking your headphones off.  The db Amplifier will run you about $70.00.