The MOST Common Men’s Style Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

Posted on Nov 14,2018 in Style

So many guys nowadays are guilty of committing some of the most common style mistakes, and most of the time they aren’t even aware of it. Every guy has a ton of potential to dress and look great. I don’t want you to be making any of these mistakes. So, here are the top 9 most common style mistakes guys make, and how you can fix them.

1.Bulging In Your Clothing

You want to make sure there are no interruptions in your outfit. A common interruption is when a guy is wearing pants and his phone or wallet is bulging out, it just looks bad. So, don’t wear skin tight clothing. Stick to wearing pants or clothing pieces that fit you properly, so when you choose to put your phone in your pocket it won’t look off and bulge out.

2.When Your Shirt Cuff Is Not Showing

Guys, whenever you have a dress shirt on and you throw a suit jacket over it, you need to show at least a quarter inch of your undershirt cuff. If you don’t, the shirt will just look too small and your suit jacket will look way too big. This is an essential tip you need to follow. Always show at least a quarter to half inch of your shirt cuff. It will show everyone that you know style.

3.Wearing Sub Par Shoes

No guy should ever wear dressy sketchers as their dress shoe alternatives, this just looks terrible and will throw off an entirely good outfit. Finding a good pair of dress shoes isn’t hard. If you don’t have the budget to spend a few hundred dollars on a pair, you can easily find a pair for under $100 that will look amazing. Just don’t wear any tacky, sub-par looking dress shoes. Put an emphasis on your shoes from now on.

4.A Lose Shirt Collar

When you wear a shirt that doesn’t fit properly, or its too big, the shirt collar is going to be lose. You do not want this, trust me. Wearing a shirt that is too big just looks bad and people will think you don’t know how to dress. If you want to wow the crowd wear shirts that are properly fitted. A good source to go to for perfect fitting shirts is our sponsor, The Tailor Store. They are one of the top companies in making custom dress shirts. The Tailor Store has an app that tailors your body with pictures.

They use an innovative algorithm that measures your sizes at ease, and then ships the best fitting clothing pieces to your front door. It’s so easy. So, invest in yourself and go download The Tailor Store app. I wear their dress shirts all the time, they are honestly the best.

5.Buttoning Up Too Many Buttons

Guys, man cleavage is super sexy to women. You need to stop buttoning up too many buttons. When a woman sees your chest a little bit, it just makes them melt and fall head over heels for you. Let the girls see what they want to see, it will make you more confident and sexy if you just unbutton a few more buttons. Trust me.

6.Buying Quantity Over Quality

You need to make sure you are buying a few quality pieces, rather than a bunch of non-quality pieces. Sure, quality clothing costs more, hence why you only by a few of them. In my eyes, one quality piece is better than ten non-quality, cheap pieces of clothing. For example, if you know you’re going to be wearing a lot of dark pants, invest in a few quality shirts, rather than a bunch of poor quality shirts. Dress for success guys.

7.Pants That Are Too Long

I see this all the time. Guys will wear trousers, chinos, or jeans, and they are just way too long. This not only throws off the flow of their outfit, but it just looks bad. You don’t want your pants to engulf your shoes, so wear pants that sit around the ankle region. This will make you look a lot more aesthetic to the eye and give your outfit the flow that it needs.

8.Wearing A Visible Under Shirt

This is a common tragedy that so many guys are guilty of doing. Under shirts are very important, but wearing one that is visible just defeats the purpose of wearing one. So many guys will wear an undershirt under their dress shirts, but it will just be visible to the eye. Without you even realizing it, your amazing outfit just turned into a terrible outfit. So, make sure you wear dress shirts that won’t be visible, it will make you look a lot more stylish.

9.Untucked Dress Shirts

Wearing an unfitted, baggy dress shirt is a tragedy in its own. But, wearing an untucked, unfitted, baggy dress shirt is even worse. Guys, first off, you need to get well fitting dress shirts in your closet as soon as possible. These are essential to looking amazing. The next step is that you need to tuck these bad boys in. Wearing a good fitting dress shirt, and tucking it in is one of the sexiest looks to a woman and I promise you’ll have heads turning in the room when you do this. Don’t be tacky, be classy.