The MOST Useful Tips For the iPhone X

Posted on Jan 13,2018 in Tech


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This one is more so for the people who have a iPhone X. As most of you know, if order to turn off a iPhone X, you must press the the “Volume Up” and “Power” Button. I’m going to give you two alternatives to turn off your phone. The first one is to go to Settings–> General–>scroll all the way down till you see “Shut Down”. The second option is even easier. Just press volume up–>volume down–>hold power button.


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For iPhone X users, if you wanted to multitask, you have to swipe up slowly to see it it on your screen. Instead, try making a arch movement on the bottom left corner of the device. This is a faster and more efficient way of accessing that multi-task screen.


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Since there is no home button like previous models, reachability might be a confusing function to perform. However, with a quick change in the settings, you should be good to go. Tap on Settings–>General–>Accessibility–>Reachability. Once you turn that on, all you have to do is swipe down from the bottom dock and all of your apps should come down.


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Like many iPhone models before this, if you were browsing the web and ended up scrolling down, a slight tap on the top of the screen should bring you back up. Many people believe that the iPhone X doesn’t have this option because of the notch. However, this is untrue and the same function can be performed.


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This is another feature that I enjoy using and it’s one of my favorite. What guided access allows you to do is limit the privileges you give to other people when it comes to your phone. For example, when someone asks to use your phone for a phone call, they won’t be able to snoop around your phone and you also have the option to time them. To activate this go to Settings–>General–>Accessibility–>Guided Access. Once you turn this on, you can activate it by triple-clicking the “power” button.