The Tech EVERY Student Wants

Posted on Jan 16,2018 in Tech


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This is a must-have when your a student. You’re always on the go, and have somewhere to be. So taking a 20 minute break to charge your phone isn’t a option. Having a charging case gives you that accessibility, so that when you’re phone is going to die, you have nothing to worry about. I am using one from ALLEASA for my iPhone X and it works great, plus it super thin!


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I definitely recommend the SoundLink Micro from Bose. It will run you about $109. Of course, they are more affordable speakers than this, but in my opinion this is the best sound you can get. It also has a loop in the back so you can attach it to your backpack or whatever else you can put it on. Even though it’s on the pricier side, it’s definitely worth it, not to mention it’s also waterproof as well.


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When you’re a student, you’re surrounded by distracting sounds and everything that comes with the college lifestyle. I recommend investing in a good pair of noise cancelling earbuds, because they’re easy to travel with, work great and I can’t forget that they look amazing too. You can take calls from these too! These are from a company called Mighty Rock and they are around $80.


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This should come without thought. A quality backpack is a necessity for a student. You need it to carry your books, laptops and materials. What I like about this backpack from EBAGS is it’s tough and it has compartments for everything. It designed so all of your charging cables and such won’t crush or scratch your devices. It makes sure everything is safe and sound. This particular model is about $110.


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I always like including something that is more leaning for your leisure activities. The Amazon Fire TV is small, compact, and has endless features. You can install apps, and watch whatever you like. The best part is it’s so affordable, if you know how to use it right, you could watch endless amounts of movies for free! I always recommend these to college students, because it’s a great way to watch TV!