The Top 6 New Hairstyles For Men For 2019

Posted on Feb 04,2019 in Grooming

We are officially in 2019, which means it is time for some change. Your hair is an important aspect of your day to day life, so you should put a lot of thought into your hairstyle coming into the new year. Considering the fact that there are so many different hairstyles to choose from, you might be confused as to which style would suit you best. Today, I am going to share with you the top 6 new hairstyles for men for 2019.

1.The Low Cut

David Beckham made this hair style as famous as it is today. He set the trend and it has taken a huge effect on the styling community. For this look, you tend to get a low fade on the sides with a very low cut on top. It is perfect for the guy who wants to give off a rugged vibe. It also makes you look more manly and tough. It is honestly an amazing look that I think is worth a shot.

2.The Fringe Crop

This haircut has a super versatile look that can be pulled off by many different hair types. For this hairstyle, you are going to have skin to low on the sides with low to medium on top. The best part about this hairstyle is that it is easy to maintain. All you have to do is brush your hair forward and allow it to air dry. This will add texture and volume to your hair and it will look amazing!

Our matte paste from Hudson & Mane would work perfectly with this hairstyle. Just throw a little in and you’ll be looking like a million bucks in no time. Go check out all of our products at Hudson & Mane and use code “TMF” for 20% off!

3.The Curl Look

We have recently seen this look take off! IF you have natural curls like me, you are lucky. For this look, all you have to do is get a well-blended fade on your sides, and keep the natural, messy curls on top. I tried out this look throughout the end of 2018 and absolutely loved it. It will definitely be a hairstyle that I will implement within 2019, and I think you guys should too.

4.The Quiff

This hairstyle combines the 1950’s pompadour hairstyle with a slicked back look. It was a staple look within the British culture, but made its way over to us in the U.S. This look just makes you look like a well put together gentleman. It is classy and makes you more desirable to women. They will notice that you know how to style your hair and be a little old school.

5.The Messy Long Hair Look

If you have the ability to grow out your hair super long, this is the look for you. Women see a guy with long hair as attractive. It signals to them that you are rough around the edges and super manly. If you want to have this look you will need to make sure you do it right. Go to a good barber and make sure he layers your hair and blends everything in nicely. Who doesn’t want to look like the modern-day Tarzan, right?

6.The Buzz Cut

This cut has been around forever. The Buzz Cut is just one of those cuts that screams “manly”. The only thing you have to watch out for is your head shape. IF you are someone with a perfectly shaped head, this cut is for you. However, if your head shape doesn’t match this look well, you should probably avoid it.


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