The UGLIEST Jewelry Men Wear | Jewelry Mistakes You Want to Avoid!

Posted on Jan 16,2018 in Style


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Not all types of earrings. Some are minimal, masculine and they make guys look good. However, the ones that are trending now…not so much. These new earrings that droop, I don’t even know what it’s called but they take away from the whole outfit. Accessories are supposed to add to the outfit, not be the centerpiece.


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I have never liked these, ever since the 90s when they were boomin’ and I still don’t like them today.  I guess I should speak after I try it out, but I just can’t see myself wearing this.

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You know what type of jewelry I’m talking about, the type that any stereotypical 90s boy band would wear. It’s made out of shells, pebbles, beads, stones and then all tied together with some sort of rope. You know what I’m talking about, in reality, it’s just a cheap piece of “jewelry” that you shouldn’t wear.


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On girls, it actually looks good. However, on guys…not so much. For the most part, when these these types of glasses come off as very flamboyant. They are usually bedazzled and overpowering (even if you’re a rapper). It covers like 50% of your face and doesn’t do you any favors. Buy frames that structure your face and not hide it.


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Unfortunately, this is another trend that is on the rise. Personally, this just looks like your trying too hard to flex. It’s extremely overpowering and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t do this.