These 5 Things Will Make You Irresistible To Women

Posted on Oct 30,2018 in Lifestyle

I know for a fact that you want to be a chick magnet. Every guy wants women to desire you, it’s just a fact. You want your crush to like you, the same way that you like her. It’s common knowledge. Everyone seeks the feeling of being wanted. Here are 6 things that will make you irresistible to women. Take notes boys!

1.The George Clooney Effect

A study done in 2010, which surveyed over 4,000 women, proved the fact that women find the older man much more attractive than a baby-faced college kid. This is because, as a man gets older, he becomes more financially independent, wiser, and can actually support and provide for their spouse. A broke, young college kid can’t do any of that. The easiest way to look older is to swap your dress coat. Avoid the trendy stuff such as ripped jeans, and stick to the more casual, sophisticated look. This will also give yourself a look of higher status.

2.Read More!

This is crucial guys. If you want to know one thing that you can say on a first date that will immediately make a girl like you, pay close attention. “Yeah, the last book I read talked a lot about…”. It’s that simple. Just letting a girl know you read on a regular basis is super attractive to them. It’s crazy how much they love it. They’ll look at you as though you’re a smart, intellectual guy who has his life all in order and carries himself better than any other guy they’ve met, trust me! I have the secret for you guys! With our sponsor, Audible, you can make reading a breeze!

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3.Have A Dog

Within a recent study, women were 4x more likely to give their phone number out to a guy with a dog, than one who didn’t have a dog. That’s crazy! When a guy has a dog, it just shows that you are caring, kind, thoughtful, and that you can take care of someone/something other than yourself. Not to mention, women just love dogs. I don’t want everyone reading this to stop what they’re doing and buy a dog, only get one if you truly want one. Dogs are a lot of work, hence why women will appreciate you more if you have one.

4.Be Care Free

Women find dangerous men sexy, it’s that simple. Don’t ask me why, it’s just a fact. If you want to fulfill that “dangerous guy” role, you don’t have to risk your life or be a gang banger. All you have to do is be spontaneous. Don’t worry about situations too much and just be confident in whatever you do. Women love this in a guy and you’ll see how much luckier you get with women once you choose to be like this.

5.Find Someone In/Below Your League

People tend to partner up with mates that are around as equally attractive as they are. When you get in a relationship with a mate outside of your league, you’ll always worry. If your dating someone out of your league, you’ll always worry about her leaving and finding someone in her league. It’s just something to note for you guys. Just because a woman is a 10/10 bikini model, doesn’t mean that she would be a good spouse for you. Be reasonable and find love where there is love reciprocated to you. Once you change your mindset to this, you’ll see true connection. Just don’t be insecure. This shows a woman you’re desirable.

6.The Halo Effect

This is an effect where people subconsciously take one aspect of a person and literally drape their entire personality under it. This is why people will take ultra-attractive people and automatically think they’ll be good at a certain job. Here’s the trick to this. If your always nice and honest with people, everyone will just automatically think your just this great guy. This will make you super attracted and wanted by women.


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