These Face Products Are RUINING Your Skin | STOP Using This!

Posted on Feb 08,2018 in Grooming

Have you ever took the time out of your day and actually read the back of your facial products. Take a moment…try to pronounce and understand the ingredients that you are putting on your face. Most of us have no idea what we’re buying, that’s why today I’m going to show the face products that are ruining your skin. Let’s begin!


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These are skin treatments that are most popularity found in salons. It’s a mix of different acids that burn off a thin layer of your skin. As always, people don’t really care about the consequences as much the results. They’re addicted to looking good so they keep doing it. With that being said, this process of burning your skin off, you’re going to end up with a thin layer of skin. That’s when you become red and inflamed.


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Especially when you’re younger and have acne, you just want to scrub your acne away. I remember I used to do the same thing. Just like chemical peels, exfoliating can be a good thing, when done right. That’s why I love Tiege Hanley, they’re the kings of simplicity. They help the everyday man have beautiful skin. Tiege Hanley uses un-harmful ingredients to make sure you get the most natural treatment as possible.

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How Tiege Hanley works is you order from their website and it’s a monthly subscription. You either buy the Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3. Each level is better than the next regarding products. You get more of a variety and you can try something you’ve never tried before, like they’re amazing eye cream! If you want a clean and healthy face, I definietly recommend you guys check out Tiege Hanley! In addition, use code “TMFRUINED20” for 20% off your first box!


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A lot of different skin care companies will add fragrance to their products to make them smell good. They want customers to get attached to the smell and keep buying their product. However, what people don’t know is, what skincare companies call fragrance can be up to 3,000 different chemicals. So it’s a secret loophole that big-time companies hope we wouldn’t figure out. But, I’m here to tell you to stop buying products with fragrance.


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The same petroleum you find in motor oil, you find that same bi-product in your skincare products. You would mostly see this in most moisturizer under different names such as Mineral Oil. A lot of companies will try to claim that petroleum is safe but in reality they can be carcinogenic.


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Similarly to fragrances, brands like to use color to appeal to their customers. However, synthetic colors or treatments are packed with chemicals that aren’t natural and harmful to your skin. They aren’t easy to spot but if you see FD&C, red 40, or other ingredients similar to this. Stay as far as possible. Switch to Tiege Hanley, everything they use is natural and un-harmful, so why would you want to risk the health of your skin when you have something like Tiege Hanley at your disposal.


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This is mostly used as a preservative for longer shelf life. These chemicals are also known to interfere with hormones and can easily lead to infertility in men. It’s so serious that Canada and Europe have both banned them.

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