THIS is WORSE Than Acne!

Posted on Oct 21,2018 in Grooming


Whenever you struggle with acne, you can’t help but feel bad about yourself. For me personally, it would deflate my confidence and my self-esteem to an all-time low. But, if you do struggle with acne, I want to tell you it shouldn’t be as big of a worry as you’re making it out to be. Here are 5 things that are way worse than acne that will last a lifetime and how you can avoid them!

1.Acne Scars

Acne scars are way worse than just having acne. Acne will clear up with time, but having scars related to acne, yea, they will last a lifetime. Acne scars are caused when you pick or scratch at your acne or pimples. This will cause ruptures and deep scaring on the surface of your skin. When you pick at it constantly, scars will be inevitable to happen. So, if you want to avoid getting these scars, stop picking at your face. Let time run its course and let the acne go away at its own pace.


You might not even be concerned about wrinkles, being that you’re a young, suave guy. But, you really should be. Without you even realizing it, wrinkles are effecting all of us. As we age, our skin is getting thinner, dryer, and less elastic. So, you should be focusing on this issue now, so you don’t look like super aged as you get older. Make sure you are always wearing spf and using a good facial moisturizer. In addition to a PMD tool.

Our sponsor PMD, offers a Personal Microderm tool that will reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles as well as increase your skins fullness and volume. This tool pretty much buffers the topical area of your skin and once you use it, you’ll notice a huge difference with your skin. Go check out our sponsor PMD. Their prices are a steal for the amazing products that they offer. Trust me, you need at least one of their products in your daily routine. Use code “TMF” for a discount at checkout.

3.Sun Spots

These are pesky spots that appear on your skin due to the sun’s harmful rays. The PMD tool will help in fighting these off as well. These spots can be detrimental to your skin, because that uneven skin tone color just doesn’t look good. Not only do these sun spots look bad, but it causes damage to your skins complexion. So, do everything in your power to prevent these by wearing spf or if you have them already, use the PMD tool to fight them away. Stay protected and always wear protectants from the sun.


Many people are blaming their red, flushed cheeks on Rosacea. If you do have this, medical attention is mandatory. You need to seek professional attention immediately.  Rosacea is when your skin thickens and it appears to be bumpy in texture, as well as an increased redness to your natural skin tone. There are different causes to this medical condition. If you believe you have this, seek medical evaluation and find out what your specific causes are. It’s not life threatening, but it will just continue to get worse.

5.Sun Burn

Think about your skin as a piece of paper. Once you get a wrinkle or a sun burn it causes damage that will get worse if not protected. Sun Burns just cause damage to the outside layers of your skin that causes a lot of damage older time. This will cause rapid aging and just make your skin look leathery and bad. So, wear hats, use spf, and protect yourself against the sun and its harmful rays. Your only given one set of skin, so make sure you always keep in healthy and protected.


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